Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Show me the money I'll show you the shoes

Never one to shy away from an opportunity to look at some lovely shoes on t'internet, and as a result possibly bag myself some cash to spend on said shoes, I decided to enter Terri Lowe's Barratts Competition.

You can find all the details you need here.

So basically I had to decide what shoes/boots/general foot coverings I would chose given seventy whole pounds to spend!  Once again, what a hard life this is :)

I had a look and I know exactly how I would spend it, I would splash the cash on these little beauties:

1: Ballerina with Bow Trim, £5.00, Barratts
2: Heeled Chelsea Ankle Boot, £30.00, Barratts
3: Buckle Fastening Ankle Boot, £32.00, Barratts

Given any of these shoes would be brilliant, but having all 3 for seventy pounds, well, it's pee your pants exciting*! I really really want a pair of chelsea boots and at £30 quid it turns out I can have them, oh yes!!!

I also love the brown ankle boot which I know will go very very well with a few select outfits if I do say so myself! I have a pair of boots like this in black, but having seen these I realise I must now have them in brown...   must... have.... them....

And finally, I was gonna stop at just the two boots, but realising I still had some money left over I thought I'd have a little look to see if I could get anything for under a tenner, I wasn't hopeful to be honest!  But low and behold, the good people of Barratts have plenty of beautiful ballet shoes for under a tenner, so naturally I had to squeeze in another pair.  Obviously I chose these little beauties because who can resist a bit of leopard print, not me for sure!!!

And that my friends is seventy squid well spent!

I love getting as much for my money as possible, and I was surprised to find how cheap all the shoes were, what a bargain!  I am now a Barratts convert, anywhere that does good cheap shoes is alright by me!

Also I would like to add that having now seen Terri Lowe's blog I'm a bit of a fan, I'm obviously easily influenced by pretty pictures and cool hair, and I'm a wee bit jealous of her blog.... I'm not sucking up here Terri, I'm just making a casual statement and letting other people know that they should visit your blog which they can do here.

You can also visit Barratts website to pick your own shoes here. Le me know what your think and which ones you would pick.

*I may be cracking on a bit now at the grand old age of 26 but I do not suffer from incontinence, I am merely trying to convey my happiness about the shoes.

Until next time, Brap brap,


  1. I love shoes sooo much, number 2 are my fave x

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

    Barratts boots are so good! I bought a pair a while back and they lasted me years. I love those heeled chelsea boots :)