Thursday, 31 January 2013

Blog of the Month

Ok, so in order to spread the word (god how cheesy) about blogs I just love reading I have decided to start my Blog of the Month feature. These blogs are on my JOLLY GOOD BLOGS page which I obviously recommend you check out! Obviously!

Anywho, this month’s featured blog is Being Little. I absolutely love this blog, it’s one which I always check for updates and sometimes just like giving it a peek because it’s so pretty (I love pretty blogs, I’m a judge a book by its cover kind of person).

All Lyzi’s pictures are just beautiful, every single one has been taken with such care and they are really gorgeous to look at, what a talent, I hope that one day if I can take pictures even half as good as hers I’d be one very happy bunny!

Aside from the fact it looks beautiful and has lovely pictures, it always has posts that are a delight to read. I love keeping up to date with what’s going on and I really think you would too!

Please check out Lyzi’s blog Being Little here, I promise you won’t regret it, you will fall in love with it just as much as I am, which is quite a lot!


Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Creating a bit of a Buzzzz about it

Recently I was contacted by Bee Jewels (see what I done there with my title, clever eh) to review some of their products and help promote their website. I was asked to pick 2 items of jewellery from their collection (which by the way was incredibly difficult as I wanted everything), and this is what I picked:
The first was the Gold Curb Chain, which you can get here. The cost of this one is just $7.00 (which is around £4.50).
And this was my second choice, the Double Triangle Tribal Pattern Necklace, which you can get here. And this one also only costs a meagre $7.00.

As it’s been snowing and the postman couldn’t get to us, I didn’t get these delivered until 2 weeks later, but had our weather (naughty weather) not been so rubbish I would have them in a week, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long for your lovely little treats!

I was so excited when I opened my little package, it came with a lovely hand written note explaining that the company do not believe in using expensive packaging as it’s bad for the environment, amen to that, I’m all up for saving the trees! Anywho, it’s what’s inside that counts (or so I’ve always been told), and what was inside this little package was just lovely.

Both of my necklaces are amazing and such good quality, I completely and utterly love them! The quality would easily rival (or beat, if you ask me) any jewellery that you would find on the high street, but the prices here are so much cheaper. So good for the trees and good for your pocket, what more could you want!!  Oh and it's free delivery worldwide, bargain!!

The website has a selection of jewellery and handbags, these are my top picks from each:

Owl Ring, $2.50

I have to say that I am so so happy with my necklaces and they will be most definitely making a few appearances in some future outfit posts! So keep a beady eye out for these little gems!

You can visit the BeeJewels website here.

Also, If you are ever fortunate enough to have any contact with them, they are delight to deal with :) I think it’s safe to say I love this website!

Oh and one last thing, you can visit their Facebook page here.


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Dedicated Follower of Fashion

“They seek him here, they seek him there,
His clothes are loud, but never square...”

This post’s TUNE comes from The Kinks, a legendary band!  If you love The Beatles (and why wouldn’t you!!), then you will love these!  I love all the bands from this era, when I was younger and my dad used to tell me about them I wasn’t interested, but then one day I saw the light (not literally) and I realised just how good they really were!  You can listen to this song here.

So get yourself some Kinks in your life and visit the website here.


 Top: Tesco (old)
Trousers: Internacionale (£9.50, sale)
Shoes:Primark (old)
Coat: Topshop (old)
Scarf: H&M (old)
Satchel: Cambridge Satchel (Prezzie)
Watch: Urban Outfitters (old)

Sometimes I look so moody in these pictures, tut, I promise I'll try and look happier from now on...
Ooooh, I picked up these trousers in a sale in Internacionale when it was buy one get half price, as if a sale couldn't get any better!  So I picked up these along with 3 other skirts, all of which will make an appearance soon I'm sure!  Anywho, I'm really happy with them, it gets so boring wearing jeans or skirt, so it's nice to have a bit of a change.  I think they suit my old Tesco blouse, as they both have a bit of a vintage look, yey.

I have quite a few coats but recently it seems I've been living in my leather jacket so it's nice to stick something else on, and the scarf was just necessary, it's the old bones you see...

Just so you know, I don't suffer with back problems, I choose  to pose like this, yes, I know, very odd, very odd indeed, but I do quite like it... although I'm thinking if I do it enough will I end up with some kind of weird stoop, which eventually turns into a hump, oh my god, I'd have to start shutting myself away and only coming out at night time....   Woah, lets stop there, too much thinking...

Yo Yo Yo,

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Why I just Love Blusher

It’s pretty obvious from looking at my posts, and indeed my face that I really do love blusher.  It’s the one thing in my makeup bag I could not live without, I wear it daily and I wear lots of it, sometimes it’s probably comparable to that of a clown...

However, I don’t care, because I bloody love the stuff!  Without it I think I would look a little bit dead, so for the sake of myself, and not wanting to scare others around me, I wear it.  See, it’s like a little public service I perform, I don’t just think about myself don’t you know!

I use Rimmel Pink Rose, this one to be exact:

I don’t have any fancy brushes or do it in any particular way (i.e. the way your supposed to), I just use my big old blusher brush, grab up a load of powder with it and slap it on my cheeks.  I don't really wear foundation, I don't like the stuff, I just use powder and blusher generally on my face, oh and of course concealer, I couldn't live without that too; so blusher really is what seems to cover up the imperfections (well on my cheeks at least, obviously I don't put it everywhere on my face, I'm not that obsessessed....yet!).

So there you go, you now know the sordid truth, I love blusher, and I’m not afraid to admit it!

What could you not live without in your makeup case?

Stay cool,

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Skinny Love

"Come on skinny love just last the year
Pour a little salt, we were never here"

This post's TUNE comes from Bon Iver.  Now I'm sure you know this tune from Birdy,but this was originally a song by these group of talented individuals.  This song is beautiful, I love the lyrics, I love the tune, I love his voice, I think that covers all bases to love!  You really need to check out this song, and I think that in some weird way it really suits my outfit... yes I am strange!

You can check out the song here, and take a wee peek at their website here.

Moving on...

Dress: TOPSHOP (old)
Necklace: TOPSHOP (£4.00, sale)
Tights: Primark (old)
Shoes: New Look (old)
Jacket: Primark (old)
Satchel: Camden Market (old)

I can't help it I must be some sort of horder, instead of throwing old clothes away I stick them under my bed, I can't bear to get rid of them... But it's lucky I didn't because when I rediscovered this dress the other day I was so happy.  It's about 5 years old now, wow, and has survived well, I absolutely love it.  I also enjoyed going shopping under my bed in all my old clothes, a heck of a lot cheaper than normal!!  Anywho, I love this dress with my lovely brogues (which are also kicking on a bit) as it gives it a bit of a cute geeky look, when is that ever not good?!?!

As usual, I'm a freezer, so a coat is essential, and this oversized boyfriend blazer works particuarly well.  Add to the mix my over used Camden Satchel and there you go.

I'm starting to realise I really need to buy some more bags, I seem to have a limited selection, I can't help it, I just really love my satchels so much that I just wear them with everything!  So anyway, a new bag is definitely on the shopping list!

See ya,

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow Days and Winter Greys

In case you didn't know, it's been snowing!  It's very hard to miss it when there are people panic buying bread and milk all over the place...  Why always bread and milk?  Just in case these people get snowed in they can always munch on a bit of dry bread and wash it down with some warm milk... yummy!

Annywho, I decided to have a bit of an explore round where I live in the snow, who doesn't love going for walks in the snow!!! No, you can't feel your fingers (or any other extremity for that matter), no you don't look particularly stylish in your battered old wellies, but YES, it is damn good fun... well except if you land on your ass after falling.... ooops

So this is my week in pictures (minus the boring bits where I went to work and such, oh and where I sat around on my lazy ass doing nothing for most of the weekend... in summary, it's a bit sparse, maybe I need to actually do more)

So this is before is snowed....

And this is my weekend in the snow....
(I know you didn't need it pointing out, but just in case....)

  The mountain covered in snow... obviously
Is this bird watching? God, how sad...LOSER
My cat Peggy playing in the snow... aw, shes so cute!  Secretly shes thinking "Get that f**kin' camera out of my face!"
Freezing, by this point my finger tips had developed severe frostbite *
Little boys wellies... they are mine, but I bought these in the kids section, my size 5 feet can squeeze into childrens shoes (I needed to explain that first comment... could be a bit misleading and disturbing...should probably stop talking now...can't stop)
Customary close up shot... everyone else is doing it

So my weekend has mainly consisted of going on little walks and sitting around doing not alot, which I think is a pretty good balance really...  I've been catching up on some of the new programmes that have started, and am now hooked on Mr Selfridge and My Mad Fat Diary, both of which are just amazing, although total opposite ends of the spectrum.  I love Mr Selfridge because I love the whole glamour of it and I just love that period anyway, you know, when people actually made an effort.  And My Mad Fat Diary is so funny, hell, when has swear words scribble over the screen not been funny (when you don't have the same sense of humour as a 14 year old boy?!).  Anywho, obviously I recommend them, so get on it.

On a different note, I'm getting restless, I need to do something, I realise I haven't done my new year thing of do/try something new every month and quite frankly February is approaching fast.  Any suggestions, I know at some point I want to change my hair, it is very much annoying me now, maybe I'll be a piercing somewhere, probably my ear, I don't think work would like it if I showed up with a chain linking my nose eyebrow and lip...

* Massive exaggeration - if not just plain lying...

Until next time,

Friday, 18 January 2013

Fix up Look Sharp

“I got the big beat,
I hear the sound”

This post’s TUNE comes from Mr Dizzee Rascal.  Who doesn’t love a good bit of rap! Especially a good British one!  Back in the day when this tune first come out Dizzee was more of a rarity as a British rapper, however, now days he’s joined by plenty of other UK talent, Tinie Tempah being a fine example!  Anywho, this song is just so cool, and since then Mr Rascal has kept his standards very very high, all of his songs could have easily been used here but I thought I’d start with one of the ones that began it all!   
You can check out the video here, and visit his website here.

Oooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Lets have a look at an outfit is it?!

Someone loves posing....

 Dress: TOPSHOP (£18.00, sale)
Shoes: Internacionale (old)
Tights: Primark (old)
Necklace: Primark (£2.00)
Jacket: New Look (£32.00, sale)
Faux Fur: HandM (old)
Bag: Miss Selfridge (old)

This was one of those few items I found in the sale.  You know when it's an actual bargain because I wanted this dress before when it wasn't in the sale, and not just because it was cheap which is the normal reason I buy something in the sales!  Anywho, I love the lace detail and the full length sleeves, it's so pretty :)

My new necklace goes lovely with it, and just so I can go outside and not freeze to death I put my leather jacket on top.  The faux fur is something I bought from HandM a while ago and just haven't worn, the poor thing has been sitting pretty in my wardrobe all this time!  It goes beautifully with my jacket and keeps me lovely and warm!

So they were right, it's snowing!  It seems like everyone is on a snow day today apart from me, one of the drawbacks of living so close to work I guess boooooo!  Although I am determined to go for a little walk and enjoy the snow later!  Not just nice but neccessary!  I love it when it snows, everything looks so pretty!

Are you on a snow day today?  Come on, make me jealous :( haha


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Nail Files Part Two

So my poor nails have been mistreated again, I feel very bad, I don’t mean to do this to them but it just keeps happening, forgive me! Haha, so anyway, I’ve been getting busy with the nail varnish and have given my nails a little treat, and this is the outcome:

The colour is Collection 2000 "Fruit Loop", I have two colours from this brand for £2.99, lovely stuff!  It needed about 3 coats to get an even cover, but it was worth it because I really do love this colour.

More often than not I don't have the time or the patience to do my own nail art, so I was so pleased when I found these nail stickers on Ebay.  They come in loads of different patterns and you can chose either black, white or multi coloured, and they come in sheets as shown above.  You just peel the stickers off and stick them wherever you want on your nails.  They are amazing, they stick so well, ideally you would put a coat of clear nail varnish over the top, but I haven't and they are holding on well!

You can get these stickers here, it works out as 10 sheets for under two pound, which is amazing value!

You can also grab this nail varnish here but I bought mine from boots.

Stay sexy,

Monday, 14 January 2013

Bear Hug

“All you out there on the floor, gonna get you in my paws
And give you a bear hug”

This post’s TUNE comes from the 2 Bears.  I LOVE this song!  Of course, obviously I love every song I post about, I wouldn’t post about a song I hated obviously, but this one is particularly good.  If you like Hot Chip, and why wouldn’t you, they are amazing, then you will love the two bears (this may be because this is Joe Goddard’s side project who is part of Hot Chip).  I love a good electronic beat me, and this little beauty definitely meets, surpasses even, expectations.  I also love the whole piss take quality of this video!  Please check it out here, and have a little look at their website here.

Ooh, I want to give you a bear hug, but instead lets have a look at another outfit...

Dress: NewLook (£22.99)
Tights: Primark (£2.50)
Shirt: NewLook (old)
Bracelets: TOPSHOP/TOPSHOP/New Look (3.25/3.50/3.99)
Boots: NewLook (19.99)
Jacket: NewLook (Sale £32.00)
Bag: Peacocks (old)

As I mentioned before I’m rubbish in sales, however, recently I picked up this leather jacket which is actual leather(!!!) for just a measly 32 pounds, what a bargain.  It’s not your normal leather material, it looks a bit suedy, but I do love it, and considering it’s size 6 (always the same in sales), it actually fits like a glove (a tight glove, but all the same).  I also picked up this dress at the same time, it wasn’t on sale, which really seems to surprise sales assistants, but I really liked it so I was having it, end of! It’s a really weird material, feels weirdly like foam kind of stuff, very odd, but at least it shouldn’t go picky and we can have many happy years together.
I like the whole shirt under dress detail, it just adds a bit of extra edge to what could otherwise be a very plain look.  I stole this idea off my sister, so kudos to her, but all the same, I’m allowed to wear it to.
Let me know what you think of the look...

Brap Brap,

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Bling Bling Baby

I’m not very good in the sales, I don’t have the patience to walk around extra busy shops searching through rails where everything always seems to be in the wrong size for me, so instead I usually tend to stick to the jewellery.

So after a bit of searching I found the following for half price at TOPSHOP (well except for the one, which I bought in New Look):

 1: TOPSHOP (3.25, sale)

2: New Look (3.99)

3: TOPSHOP (3.50, sale)

I have the tiniest wrists you have ever seen, they belong on a child, I swear they haven’t grown since I was eight. It’s really very annoying as it’s very very difficult to buy watches or bracelets as they literally just fall off, no exaggeration! So when I find a bracelet that actually fits I buy it, hence the 3 bracelets all at once, I need to grab them while I can. Of course, I accept I’ll never be able to wear bangles or anything of the solid kind as I will lose it within 30 seconds of putting it on, but if the likes of TOPSHOP and new look can keep making bracelets that actually fit dainty wristed individuals (dainty sounds better don’t you think) then happy days.

I have also bought an initial necklace from Dorothy Perkins:

A Skull necklace from TOPSHOP:

A cross necklace from Primark:

So yup, them and a rather lovely necklace, which can be adjusted for what I actually want it for, i.e. to wear close to the neck collar of a shirt (detailing which I will try and sort out in future outfit posts), and a pair of new studs bought for me by my sister for Christmas, and bish bash bosh, a lovely little jewellery haul :)

Peace out,