Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Year, new look blog!

It's all ok, don't worry, you haven't accidentally clicked a different blog, the same good old Frgaile Bird is here but with a bit of a revamped look!

A few months ago I set up my blog and experimented with a few different looks and settled on the last one, which looked all very pretty and I was happy with it... for a while!  So I like to change my mind a fair bit but I promise that I won't be changing from this one!

This is what my blog used to look like:

So as pretty as the last one was it was a little bit too girly for me, and if you know me you'll know that's definitely not me!  I've always loved the whole 50's thing and  especially pin up girls, so naturally I decided this is the way my blog should look...
and voila, here it is!!

So let me know what you think, I hope you like it!

Peace and Love Little Ones,

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


“Hey, I can be the answer...”

This post’s TUNE comes from Azelia Banks. Now I know I ain’t “Gangster”, and as just a geeky little white girl to even attempt to rap along to these lyrics (yes, that’s right, I have a go), will not help me be cool no matter how hard I try, but I will say that I absolutely love this song!!! What a tune, I mean, how can a song still be this good even when half of the lyrics are beeped out (I had to be very careful with my selection of lyric, so I figured I would just go for the first line as this appeared to be the safest option).

So yup, I really do love this song, it’s amazing! You can watch the video here (but only if you’re not easily offended by the colourful lyrics), and you can visit her website here.

Right, lets crack on...

Blazer: River Island (old)
Shirt: River Island (sale, £15.00)
Jeans: Primark (old)
Shoes: Matalan (£6.00)
Bag: Primark (old)
Bowler Hat: H&M (£12.99)

I bought this shirt the other day when I was having a little browse at the River Island sale online and I am so glad I found it!  Who doesn't love Tartan?!?! (people who don't love tartan thats who), but luckily enough I blinkin' love it, that's why I bought it duh!  Anywho, I knew that this shirt would go lovely with my recently purchased bargain shoes in Matalan, they only cost me six whole pounds! That's six pounds!!  God bless you Matalan you lovely lovely people!!  Add my over used old blazer, slip myself into a pair of extremely snug fitting Primark jeans and stick a bowler hat on top and bish bash bosh job done!

Stay sexy,

Friday, 23 November 2012

The Nail Files Part One

So I’ve decided to start a new feature called the nail files.  The reason why I’ve done this is because currently me and Gary are doing our house out so we spend most of our time covered in dust and paint and as a result my nails are taking something of a battering.  Poor poor nails :( 
So I decided that the best thing to do was to make sure that every now and again they had a little treat and were covered in some nice nail polish, so they get to feel pretty.  Even nails should get to feel pretty.
This is my first attempt at cheering my poor nails up, I’ve decided to call it Coffee Spotty as the colour is Cappuccino by Barry M (£2.99), and the spots and Sorbet by Tesco (99p!).

This is the theory of what my nail should look like:

And this is what they actually look like:

Peace and Love,

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Jeepers Creepers Where'd You Get Those Peepers?

Jeepers Creepers, where’d you get those eyes?

Well actually I had them from Firmoo! So anyway, a week or two back I was contacted by the good people at Firmoo about writing a review about a pair of their glasses. Well it couldn’t have come at a better time as I was on the lookout for a new pair of specs as mine are starting to look like they have seen better days, mainly because they have met the floor more times than I care to remember, ooops!!

Anywho, I was asked to choose a nice new pair of glasses and I chose these bad boys:

Oh yes, aren’t they just lovely! I’m quite picky when it comes to glasses as I can’t wear the colours which I’d like to such as black and instead tend to stick to browns and reds as these suit me better, so I was over the moon when I spotted these glasses. You can browse the little beauties here.

I’ve been really impressed with Firmoo as, when asked for me to place my order I had the glasses in just over a week, so within a very short space of time I was looking spexy ;) They are so comfy, I just love them, normally my glasses like to dig little holes in the side of my nose, which is nice of them, but these just fit like a glove!

If I’m being brutally honest, and I could change just one thing I would have liked the frames to be a bit smaller, but that’s no reflection on the quality of the glasses, just my abnormally small head :)

It’s very easy to be sceptical about an online opticians but as they have a first pair free program (you can find out about this here), and you can try on the glasses by just paying for shipping, if you don’t like them or they don’t fit then you can send them back and get a refund or exchange, not bad ey!

Also just to reduce the risk of you not falling completely head over heels for you new glasses, you can use their virtual try on program, just upload a picture and Bobs your uncle and Fanny’s your aunt!

So get yourself onto Firmoo and get shopping for some sexy specs, you can even get them non prescription, so even if your not blind as a bat like I am (check out ASOS’ guide to looking good with spectacular style here), you can still look good! Oh and they also do Sunglasses, yes, I know it’s winter, but we ladies should always think ahead!

Oh and just to add, I now edit all my pics in Pic Monkey, I don't have Photoshop, so this lovely website is one heck of a good alternative :)  Just incase you needed something similar and didn't know where to go, we're here to help ;)

Stay Spexy,

Monday, 19 November 2012

Weekly Wish

Feeling a bit eccentric?

Ok, so maybe I have too much time on my hands but this week I spent some time having a little look about for some nice, but different, jewellery, and I think I found it on Eclectic Eccentricity. At the moment I really love little animal themed jewellery, and therefore was super excited when I stumbled across their website and found some lovely little necklaces and bracelets, here is just a sample of some of my favourites:

However, my favourite piece on there just has to be this pug necklace; it’s just so cute and I can really see it looking pretty against a dainty little dress and cute ballet shoes, ooooooh :)

You can buy this little jem here.

So yeah, that’s my weekly wish, a wee animal to hang around my neck...


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Last Day of Magic

"Last day of magic, where are you?
A little tornado, a little hurricane roar..."

This post's TUNE comes from The Kills, you can see the youtube video for this song here.  If you've never heard of The Kills before, then you my friend have been missing out!  With one of the coolest front ladies in town and the edgy dark lyrics, why wouldn't you love them, I know I most certainly do!

So yup, please check out The Kills!

Anywho, on to the outfit post...

Leather Jacket: New Look (Old)
Skirt: Primark (Old)
Cardigan: Primark (£5.00)
Collar Shirt: New Look (Old)
Shoes: Tesco (Old)
Bag: Miss Selfridge (Old)
Scarf: Dorothy Perkins (Old)
Bowler Hat: H&M (£12.99)

I knew I really wanted a bowler hat because quite frankly, I think that they are the bees knees and can make any outfit look too cool for school.  So with some money in my purse I set off in search of one.  Now I don't know if I have a bit of a weird head (it is quite likely givent the brain it contains) but all the hats I tried on (namely the ones in topshop) seemed to be too big, and to be honest with you, too expensive!  So I was thrilled when I found one for just £12.99 in H&M, and being the excellent shop that they are had the hat in different sizes, so mine now fits perfectly!  I do love H&M for having different sizes in accessories, I presonally have child sized wrists so the fact I can actually buy bracelets in here which do not fall off my arms is amazing!  All hail H&M!

My skirt was a bargain a few months back at just a fiver in Primark sale, the cardi, again just a fiver, and the collar is from an old top that I skillfully (not so skillfully) managed to burn a hole in, fortunately, I can still use it for stuff like this :)

Let me know what you think, does the hat work

Peace and Love People,

Monday, 12 November 2012

Weekly Wish

This week I've been browsing on ebay for a lovely brooch and I know exactly what I want, unfortunately, to have a proper one they appear to cost a lot of money :( booo

Anywho, the brooch I want is a Cameo, and they look a little like this:

I really think that they are just so pretty and would look lovely on a bit of faux fur or on a pretty blouse! Wherever you decide to pin your cameo you can guarantee that is going to look just a tad classy :)

If anyone is feeling particularly generous and would like to buy me one I would be more than happy to accept your lovely gift :)


Friday, 9 November 2012

Heart of glass

Finally, I have created my first ever outfit post, done so whilst listening to Blondie's "Heart of Glass", hence the title!  On the totpic, you can watch the video here.  If you've never listened to Blondie before, then make sure you give them a go, amazing!!

I've decided from now on my outfit blog titles will be songs I like, thats one way to spread the word about music I love, I think you'll start to see just how eclectic it is!

Anywho, getting off the point here....

So this week I had my first go with my little camera and modest tripod, and this is my first ever outfit post:

Leather Satchel: Camden Market (old)
Shoes: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Shirt: H&M (old)
Belt: Topshop (old)

I love this satchel, I've had it absolutely ages, bought it on one of my first trips to Camden, one of my favourite places!!  I do wear it with absolutely everything, so it will pop up on more than one or two occassions so learn to love the satchel!! 
I'm a massive fan of jeans and shirt, any combination, any colour, it's all good!!! Especially when teemed with a pair of brogues, I do spend alot of time in my brogues.

On a totally separate note, but not that separate because I wore this outfit on the way up, I've just been on a course up to London.

This was the first time I've stayed over anywhere by myself, I know, I'm a big girl now!  It wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be, I had two meals by myself (Yo Sushi and pub grub) and sat in Starbucks for my breakfast and managed to survive it all, I'm in a sad way quite proud of myself :)  Before now the thought of doing something like this seemed uttererly terrifying, but now I know I can do it it's fine.
 Yey :)
The only down side to the trip was the fact I had to go up to London and actually NOT go shopping, a fact which was killing me haha.  But fortunately, next week I will be heading up for a spot of Christmas shopping!! Can't wait!

Bish Bash Bosh,

Monday, 5 November 2012

Weekly Wish

Dear Santa (boyfriend/sister/parents/anybody who wants to buy me a christmas present),

This year for Christmas I would really like a Swatch Watch.  I've wanted one for quite a while, but Christmas seems like a perfect opportunity to aquire one without me actually having to spend the cash.  I have kindly lined up a selection of ones I like, please see below:

I would like either this one:

Or this one:

Or this one:

Or this one:

But, as I am a very understanding woman, and it may not always be possible to lay your hands on one of these (especially as your so busy at this time of year), I would happily still have a good old fashioned classic black one please, like this:

So yeah, thanks Santa, if you could sort that out I'd really appreciate it!  There is a mince pie in it for you if you can make sure I get one.

Thanks again, and give my best to Rudolph, the shiney nosed little blighter,

Friday, 2 November 2012

Derren Brown... What a Man!!

If I could meet anyone on God's good Earth it would be Mr Derren Brown.  I cannot begin to explain just how much I love him!!  Not in a weird way, just in a way that I think that to me the man is like God!  Ok, so maybe in a weird way...

Anywho, Derren Borwn being the good man that he is has made yet another amazing show, this being "Apocalypse".  And what a show it is!!

Imagine finding out that you've woken up where the world has 'ended', a meteor has stuck and left very few people alive, many of which are infected and you have no recollection of what happened and how you got there.  This is the situation in which Derren Brown's chosen 'survivor' has found has found himself, where he will hopefully find value in himself and turn around his selfish, lazy lifestyle.

It's like 28 Days Later (awesome film, please check iit out) on crack, and I blinkin love it!!

The first part of has already been shown, you can watch it here.  Please please please do, you won't regret it.  And the second part is on tonight 9pm Channel 4, you should watch that too.

Just to add, that I think the man is a genius, please watch all you can of his and and I guarantee you will sit there agape and declaring "but how, how does he do that" and in my case "I bloody love Derren Brown".

Oh and did I mention I love Derren Brown.  You can visit his website here, oh and look at his art work too, oh and his books, seriously, there is nothing the man can't do!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening to my disturbing rant,

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Everyone Loves a Winner

And the winner is....

Demi McGlen!!!

Here is the proof of my nifty "borrowed" program from work:

(all fair and square)

Thank you very much to the great number of entrants, all three of you, but as you are all 3 lovely people I couldn't have asked for any better :)


Sunday, 28 October 2012

Jenny Colgan Giveaway

 Now, before you start getting excited I'd just like to clarify I'm not giving away the actual woman here, just one of her books.  So if your looking for an author to take home with you then this is not the place to be.  If however you would like to own a copy of Jenny Colgan's "Rosie Hopkin's Sweet Shop of Dreams", then you my friend are in luck, and you should carry on reading....

This was my reading material whilst on holiday, and I could have asked for none better!

(Here is the proof)

As with all of Jenny Colgan's books, it a bit of a romantic comedy and always has a happy ending (not that way you sicko... haha).

So for your chance to win a copy please follow these simple rules:
1. Become a follower.
2. Leave a comment with your email address

And it's a simple as that!

There is one copy and the winner will be chosen at random using my, ahem, borrowed random selector Excel program from work... (all very technical) and the giveaway will finish at 7pm Thursday 1st November!

UK entries only, sorry!

Good luck :)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Weekly Wish

This month I've realised that Christmas is getting close and I haven't bought anything so really I need to get out there and start buying some prezzies.  However, this now means there is less money to spend on myself.. ridiculous, do these people just expect me to go around in rags until then?!? Ok, so maybe I already have too many clothes anyway, but this whole less money thing has lead me to have a bit of an idea for buying clothes this month.

My aim is to not buy anything... in the shops (except for charity shops and Primark, they don't count ok, don't make me stay away from them too, nooooooooooooooo)!

Yup, I'm gonna try and find it cheaper online, whether its with dicount codes, off new websites I would have never thought of looking at before or using the power of EBAY, I will be trying to get as much for my money as is physically possible, and don't worry, I'll make sure I let everyone know about these wonderful little bargains!

So this brings me nicely on to my second weekly wish:

I spotted this little number whilst looking for some amazing clothes for amazing prices.

The website is Chiara Fashion and you find visit it yourself here.  Everything is super cheap and looks awesome, I will most definitely be stopping by there for bargains, I hope to order this jumper as soon as I get paid, and I'll let you know what its like! 

I really do love a good peter pan collar, and to find one on a gorgeous coloured jumper means that this is definitely a must for my wardrobe! 

Bish Bash Bosh,

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Show me the money I'll show you the shoes

Never one to shy away from an opportunity to look at some lovely shoes on t'internet, and as a result possibly bag myself some cash to spend on said shoes, I decided to enter Terri Lowe's Barratts Competition.

You can find all the details you need here.

So basically I had to decide what shoes/boots/general foot coverings I would chose given seventy whole pounds to spend!  Once again, what a hard life this is :)

I had a look and I know exactly how I would spend it, I would splash the cash on these little beauties:

1: Ballerina with Bow Trim, £5.00, Barratts
2: Heeled Chelsea Ankle Boot, £30.00, Barratts
3: Buckle Fastening Ankle Boot, £32.00, Barratts

Given any of these shoes would be brilliant, but having all 3 for seventy pounds, well, it's pee your pants exciting*! I really really want a pair of chelsea boots and at £30 quid it turns out I can have them, oh yes!!!

I also love the brown ankle boot which I know will go very very well with a few select outfits if I do say so myself! I have a pair of boots like this in black, but having seen these I realise I must now have them in brown...   must... have.... them....

And finally, I was gonna stop at just the two boots, but realising I still had some money left over I thought I'd have a little look to see if I could get anything for under a tenner, I wasn't hopeful to be honest!  But low and behold, the good people of Barratts have plenty of beautiful ballet shoes for under a tenner, so naturally I had to squeeze in another pair.  Obviously I chose these little beauties because who can resist a bit of leopard print, not me for sure!!!

And that my friends is seventy squid well spent!

I love getting as much for my money as possible, and I was surprised to find how cheap all the shoes were, what a bargain!  I am now a Barratts convert, anywhere that does good cheap shoes is alright by me!

Also I would like to add that having now seen Terri Lowe's blog I'm a bit of a fan, I'm obviously easily influenced by pretty pictures and cool hair, and I'm a wee bit jealous of her blog.... I'm not sucking up here Terri, I'm just making a casual statement and letting other people know that they should visit your blog which they can do here.

You can also visit Barratts website to pick your own shoes here. Le me know what your think and which ones you would pick.

*I may be cracking on a bit now at the grand old age of 26 but I do not suffer from incontinence, I am merely trying to convey my happiness about the shoes.

Until next time, Brap brap,

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mmmmminty Holiday Nails

Once again I hve been getting busy with my bent out old paper clip (it's serving me well) to create some lovely holiday nails...

Maybe I have too much time on my hands...

But anyway, here is my delightful effort at mint green polka dot holiday nails:

The base colour is Barry M Mint Green and I used a cream nail polish (sorbet) for the polka dots. (The cream nail polish is Tesco own brand nail polish and costs 99p, what a bargain, and it lasts well and looks slick, thanks Tesco!)


Friday, 19 October 2012

Sharm el Chic ;)

Well it never rains, it pours...

Up until two weeks ago I hadn't been on holiday for over a year, but since then I have been down to Cornwall for a long weekend with Gary and just arrived back from Sharm El Sheikh with my sister Rhian.  What a hard life :)

So I'm back, we arrived back late evening to some wind rain and cold weather, what a greeting from my homeland :( But all the same, sometimes its nice to go, but nice to come back too, even if the weather is rubbish, but at least now I can put my nice winter coats to good use... theres got to be a brightside to everything...right?!?

Well after 4 days, 4 nights, 1 hotel, 2 pools, 2 books, some hot weather, good food and a few drinks, I have come back with 0 tan and 1 cold... how in gods name did that happen?  Only I could go to Egypt and catch a cold... cool as hell!!!

Here a just a few photos from our trip, we didn't do much else than soak up the sunshine and had one boat trip to see some wee little fishies, but it was amazing to just get away from it all:

 Leaving the cold behind and making our way through the clouds:

(I love this pic, whenevr I'm excited about going on hols from now on I'm gonna stare at this picture to get me even more excited)

Our Hotel:

(Our hotel was the Nubian Village in Nabq Bay, it was really nice and I'd come back here)

 Our mini excursion:

(Loads of fish, loads of coral, loads of fun)

Posing (not just nice but necessary):

I'd definitely visit Egypt again to visit the pyramids and to use it as a base to visit Petra in Jordan, a perfect location to visit some more of the sever=n modern wonders of the world!  Plus, with sunshine in October, who can resist going for a visit!

However, a word of warning, as I'm sure you've already heard the men are a tad sleazy (not all of them, but its the odd few who ruin it for everybody), I wouldn't recommend going as just two girls again, we didn't leave the resort really, but I wouldn't exactly have felt comfortable wandering round the streets as just us pair... this is all due to culture, it's not exactly the norm for women to go around in next to nothing over there so they think that when we turn up in our holiday wear its a bit of a free for all.... Anywho, I'm just giving my opinion...

Oh well, back to reality, and back to work, boo hoo :(

Until next time, stay sexy!