Monday, 12 November 2012

Weekly Wish

This week I've been browsing on ebay for a lovely brooch and I know exactly what I want, unfortunately, to have a proper one they appear to cost a lot of money :( booo

Anywho, the brooch I want is a Cameo, and they look a little like this:

I really think that they are just so pretty and would look lovely on a bit of faux fur or on a pretty blouse! Wherever you decide to pin your cameo you can guarantee that is going to look just a tad classy :)

If anyone is feeling particularly generous and would like to buy me one I would be more than happy to accept your lovely gift :)



  1. I like the skull cameos... there's a girl who makes them into necklaces and earrings at the Gallery I had pictures of this weekend. So cute and only $25. If Christmas wasn't coming up I would have bought one.

  2. I love it and your blog is gorgeus!!

  3. Thank you for the lovely comment, dear! :))
    I loveeee Cameo brooches too! I wanted one since I saw Miroslava Duma wearing a similar brooch. And after one year I finally found one for a very reasonable price from Bijou Brigitte. I hope this info is helpful!


  4. My Grandma has a vast collection of Cameos and some she's picked up at junk fairs etc for stupidly small prices and they've been real after valuing so if you keep your eyes open you should be able to pick up one really easily! She also has some replicas that are still super nice and cost just pence. They are so nice though :)


  5. I love these, they are so beautiful. I can definitley see them looking amazing on some (faux) fur. I have one friend i've wanted to buy one for for ages, so let me know if you find any online that arent to dear. Lizz xx

  6. Hi! Thank you so much for your comment on my post, I'm so happy to have found your beautiful blog! I've been wanting a cameo brooch for so long, I've got a 'fake' one but I'd really love one of the delicate shell ones, they're so elegant. I'm looking for writers of beautiful blogs to swap blog badges with so we can help each other out with promotion - let me know if you'd be interested? Hx

  7. Hey Helen, these are truly beautiful. I adore Cameos, so timeless....and very Downton Abbey! Would you be interested in following each other? x

  8. I love Cameo pins too!

    xo Jo

  9. Oooo I do love cameo brooches. You could maybe try little antique shops or car boot sales - you might strike lucky and it is always fun wandering around :-)
    Lianne x

  10. Love cameos!
    Have a few from my grandmother!


  11. Thankyou for the lovely comment, love your choice in broach :)

    I am now following you!

    Immi Sarah xx

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog, yours is great too! I never used to like cameo pins, but I was given a vintage one and on the right outfit, it is kinda cute! Hope you find one you like, try Etsy maybe?
    Daisy Dayz

  13. Nice cameo brooches!

  14. beautiful brooches!

    thanks for dropping by our blog, would you like to follow each other? let me know :)

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  15. those are so lovely ! xx

  16. you are right they would look lovely on a faux fur coat:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  17. I'd love to see one on a faux fur! I lost my cameo necklace ages ago but am hoping for a new one myself soon too!

    Alexandra xo

  18. hunt at carboots! always little gems like these kicking about and you can normally get them for like 20p :)

    very cute blog, love that your a book lover!

    Georgie x
    fashion & lifestyle blog

  19. I'm obsessed with cameos, if you see my brooch collection - it's full of them! I have yet to find or buy an authentic cameo but the ones I have been charity shop finds! So, look around charity shops/vintage shops and carboots!!

    Aimée x

  20. These brooches are great... now I have seen them I'd looove to have one, too :D

    ♥, Nina

  21. I adore anything vintage and cameos look so classy and prestigious. One of my favorite jewelry companies has some cameo pieces you might want to check out. They aren't actually vintage of course but they're great replicas!

    Cheers! x