Thursday, 28 November 2013


"You can buy your hair if it won't grow
You can fix your nose if he says so
You can buy all the make up 
That M.A.C. can make
But if you can't look inside you
Find out who am I too
Be in the position to make me feel 
So damn unpretty
I'll make you feel unpretty too"

This post's TUNE comes from TLC.  Anybody else remeber this song, you can thank me all later for this one, I know it's amazing.  I can't say I'm TLC's biggest fan, all I've ever heard from them has been what I've heard off of the radio or when I used to watch music channels religiously back in the day, but what I do know is that this song is just so so good that I could not have it as one of my TUNE's.  I think it's the message of this song that really makes it strike a chord with me.  I'm 27 now, I give less of a damn now about what people tink of me than I ever have before, I'm willing to embrace my weird quirky little details and mannerisms, but when your younger this is alot harder to do.  I know there are alot of bloggers who are quite young, so what I'm saying to you lot is, just be who you are, don't worry about what other people think, everyone has differing opinions and you're never gonna keep everyone happy, so just do things for you.  I've said my piece.  If you would like to listen to this song and see what I'm banging on about, you can do so here.



Dungarees: H&M (£24.99)
Shirt: New Look (£12.99)
Shoes: Primark (old)
Jacket: Primark (old)
Satchel: Camden Market (old)
Watch: Urban Outfitters (old)

I bought these dungarees a few weeks ago and have been patiently waiting to find the right outfit to wear them with, and on a remarkably sunny and relatively warm day this year I stuck them on with my little jacket.

When I found these little beauties in H&M and I was beyond excited just looking at them, but then I put them on and I fell head over heels in love with them.  They fit like a dream, infact they couldn't be any more perfect if they had been tailored for me.  It's fair to say that they are my new favourite thing.

I added my new white shirt, a proper staple in any wardrobe I feel, perfect for under a preffy dress, slip or with a lovely fitting pair of jeans... class!  Combine this with my little jacket which I didn't think I would get the chance to wear again until summer and stuck on my green ballet pumps.

Now, I'm all about staying warm, as I said this happened to be a unseasonally sunny warm day, but normally I am wrapped up and lovely and toasty, but I am on a mission to continue wearing what I want but keep warm, I'll let you know how that one goes... I'm definitely thinking layers are the way forward.

So yup, I do love my new dungarees, I just need to find a proper coat now that they look just right with, I'm sure I'll find one, if not I shall just have to freeze my tits off this winter but at leats I'll do it looking good in ma good old dungarees :)

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Peace and Love,

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Friday Night Knitting Club: A Review

"Casting on ... It starts almost by accident: the women who buy their knitting needles and wool from Georgia's store linger for advice, for a coffee, for a chat and before they know it, every Friday night is knitting night. Finding a pattern ... And as the needles clack, and the garments grow, the conversation moves on from patterns and yarn to life, love and everything. These women are of different ages, from different backgrounds and facing different problems, but they are drawn together by threads of affection that prove as durable as the sweaters they knit. The Friday Night Knitting Club - don't you want to join?"

You know one of those books that was ok while you were reading it, kept you entertained for a while but as soon as you finished it you forgot all about the characters, one of those middle of the road books?  Well this is one of them.

This is yet another one of my charity shop finds, I picked it up off the shelf on a whim, thought it sounded interesting and then bought it.  I figured it would be a nice little easy read, and for that it has served it's purpose well.

The story is based around Georgia Walker who after finding herself left alone and pregnant by the man she loved in the middle of New York opens a small knitting shop.  Some years down the line her daughter Dakota is now twelve and her business, although not booming, is thriving well and from a small group of women who regularly visit the shop the Friday Night Knitting Club is born.  

All of the characters have their own story to tell and throughout the book we get to learn about each and every one of these, although it never seems to be quite enough to grow any attachment to them.  Even the main character Georgia I didn't really feel that sense of empathy for that normally you get when you read a really good book.

I have to admit, although there is somewhat of a twist in this story, I was silly enough to go looking at reviews of the later books in this small series and pretty much found out what was going to happen, so I guess it didn't really have the impact that it should.  I won't tell you here, it's not you conventional dramatic twist, just an unexpected turn of events if you will, which left  me pretty baffled really as to why the author would choose to do this.

This book is not a bad little read, but I certainly wouldn't say it will blow your socks of and I'm not exactly rushing to buy the next one. 

I give this book a:

You can buy the book here, and have a look at Kate Jacobs website here.  Have you read this book? What did you think?

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Nail Files: Purple Paisley

I will admit that I am by no means a nail expert, hell I think it's a triumph if I get the nail varnish actually on my nail and not all over my hands, which truth be told, frequently happens.  I'm sure people look at my attempt at nail painting and wonder if I am of a nervous disposition, and the answer is no, I'm just really shit at painting my nails.

Fortunately I very rarely paint my nails, but on the rare occasion I do I like to have a go at something a bit different, and this time I have gone for a paisley print inspired nail.

I figured having gone to all the effort of not getting nail varnish all over me, I would give you a little tutorial, humour me ok, lets all pretend we think my crappy little attempt was worth the time and effort.  Anywho, here we go:

Ta ra,

Monday, 18 November 2013

Save the Blow Dry: A Review

A little while ago I was sent a 'Save the Blow Dry' for review after specifically requesting this item on Bloggers Required.  Now, I've been growing my hair for a little while, and it's the longest it's ever been (I am quite aware it's not that long, but it's a big thing for me ok), which although all well and good, I'm starting to learn just how much time it takes to blow dry your hair every morning.  

So, on spotting this little opportunity I was straight in to get my hands on this lovely item, desperate to find any excuse not to wash my hair in the morning... hey, I'll still shower ok, I'm not dirty! (Just a little lazy)

This morning I decided to put my shower cap to good use and give it a spin.  Bleary eyed and extremely tired I got up out of my bed, stumbled to the bathroom, stuck my shower cap on, tucked my hair up inside and then crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

Fortunately I was not disappointed, my hair come out all still amazingly dry and looking just as it had done before I stepped into the shower.  I will admit that overnight my hair had lost a bit of of it shape anyway, and was not longer nicely blown under at the ends so I can't really comment on if the shower cap keeps a perfect style, but I can say that whatever my hair was like before it went under the shower cap it was like after I look it off.  As I have a fringe, this was the one thing I thought may go a bit array but no, it was still fine and dandy!

All of my hair very easily fitted into the cap and the elasticated band made sure that no hair got loose and got wet.  The size is perfect for whatever hair type you have or I should imagine whatever head size you have too, it even fitted my teeny tiny little head, which is a miracle!  My hair didn't feel greasy or lank when it come out either which is kind of what I was expecting, but the internal lining did just as it said on the packaging and keep my cap moisture free.

Finally, I love the style of this shower cap, the print is so cute and to me has something of a soap and glory feel about it, very classy, very classy indeed (well, as classy as a shower cap is ever gonna get anyway).  Oh and it's reversible  so you can pop some conditioner on your hair, turn the cap inside out so the cloth lining doesn't get pretty minging and just carry on about your business, happy days!

Overall I am so so happy with this product, I can now have just that little bit extra time in the mornings, safe in the knowledge I can jump in and out of the shower and then not have to spend that extra 20 minutes drying my hair.  With all this extra time on my hands I don't know what I'm gonna do, maybe I'll be a bit of a daredevil and have some extra time in bed, wow, crazy huh!

I give this product a lovely little:

Let me know if you've been trying this little cap out of what your experiences with hair washing/drying are. Do you wash your hair every morning?  I'm looking to see if I have been in the minority here!

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Stay Sexy, 


Friday, 15 November 2013

Killing me Softly

"Strumming my pain with his fingers,
singing my life with his words,
killing me softly with his song..."

This post's TUNE comes from The Fugees.  I don't know much of the Fugees work but what little I've heard I absolutely love it, and this song is one of those tunes that make me really respect this little group.  There is something very soulful about Lauren Hill's voice that strikes the same chord for me as that of Amy Winehouse, who if you know me, is my most beloved female songstress!  So yeah, this tune is most definitely worth a listen, which you can do here, and have a look at their website here.  You can't go wrong with a bit of old skool, so make sure you give it a listen!

Anywho, moving on....


Skirt: Miss Selfridge (Sale, £7.00)
Blazer: River Island (old)
Brogues: New Look (£24.99)
Tights: Primark (old)
Jumper: Primark (£14.00)
Shirt: New Look (old)
Watch/Bracelets: F Hinds / Topshop (old)
Bag: Charity Shop
Bowler hat: H&M (old)

I would just like to say that I don't spend all my time hanging round cemetery's, it just happens that these pictures were taken in one aswell, hell, they are quiet and there is no-one round, which generally spells perfect picture taking opportunities without the embarrassment!

Anywho, this look is pretty much all new, which for me is absolutely amazing.  What can I say, winter is here and I've been investing in some items which are hopefully gonna keep me all warm and cosy.  This jumper from Primark is wonderfully warm and cosy and is that weird fluffy kinda stuff that just seems to be everywhere at the moment.  I teamed this with a pink shirt underneath which just happened to be the perfect colour match and stuck on my bargain skater skirt and a pair of black tights with a blazer over top, the jumper kept me nice and warm and I think a big coat would have been over kill!

The brogues are my newest addition which I picked up in New Look and are real leather.  I love brogues and live in my other two pairs, so this is a nice addition to their little family, and knowing that they are leather I can sleep soundly knowing that they will last the test of time.

Finally this bag is a little something I picked up in a charity shop.  You know when you pop out in your dinner hour, casually go into a charity shop and just pick up a bag?  No, me neither, but this was a rare occasion that just happened.  This is real leather too, and I just love the style, oh and it was the bargain price of £6.75!  Thank you whatever old biddy wanted rid of this, it now fits beautifully into my wardrobe!

This weekend gone was a really good one.  I went to London to visit my uni friends and just generally have a bit of a nosey round.  We visited the Spirit of Chirstmas as my friend had some free tickets courtesy of Lovewue who had the cutest jewellery and a few other pieces on their stall.  I've never been here but what I figured was it's totally worth going just for all the free food and drink samples we received, which were all damn good.

After this we had some good grub at the Laughing Gravy which is a cute little restaurant tucked away on the south bank, and then onto the Shard for what is the most expensive drinks I have ever seen, but totally worth it given the amazing view over London.  Sunday was a bit of a lazy day but my highlight was definitely getting some Frozen Yoghurt in Selfridge's, damn it was good, I need to find a frozen yoghurt place here in south Wales, if you know of any please let me know!

Hope you've all had a lovely week, let me know what you've been up to!

La la love,

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Advertise in December... For Free!

Yes thats right, your eyes are not deceiving you, I am looking for sponsors.  Sponsors who wish to advertise on my little blog for free.  Thats free, nothing, nada, zip.

Too good to be true?  Well lets be honest here, I'm only little, my blog is no great space of the internet... yet! So until then I would like to offer you good ladies and gentlemen the opportunity to advertise your blog, online shop, whatever, here on Fragile Bird.

There's no small print to this, but here's whats available:

1 x (400 x 200 px)
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2 x (200 x 200 px)
(I can be a wee bit flexible on the heights if necessary, but the widths are fixed I'm afraid.)

So 4 spaces available.  Depending on the interest shown I will allocate the spaces as I feel necessary based on how much I feel your blog is suitable to my own and just personal preference really.  Hell it's free, don't complain!  Spaces and availability may increase next month so keep a beady out, this is just a bit of a trial for me.

Your ad will run from 01Dec2013 pm to 31Dec2013 pm and every sponsor will be part of a #ff every week of this month.  Additionally, your blog will be featured on a blog post providing any some information your good selves in my 'Sponsor Appreciation' post.

Oh and I would kindly ask that you follow my blog in return... I'm not asking alot, just so you can easily keep an eye out on your button ;)

So with out further ado, if your interested in advertising here, please leave your name, web address and email below and I will contact you for further information.  Or alternatively you can contact me on

Please contact me before Friday 22nd November, following which I will email you for the necessary information.

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

My Mad Fat Teenage Diary: A Review

 "It's 1989 and Rae is a fat, boy-mad 17-year-old girl, living in Stamford, Lincolnshire with her mum and their deaf white cat in a council house with a mint off-green bath suite and a larder Rae can't keep away from. This is the hilarious and touching real-life diary she kept during that fateful year - with characters like her evil friend Bethany, Bethany's besotted boyfriend, and the boys from the grammar school up the road (who have code names like Haddock and Battered Sausage).
My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary evokes a vanished time when Charles and Di are still together, the Berlin wall is up, Kylie is expected to disappear from the charts at any moment and it's ?1 for a Snakebite and Black in the Vaults pub. My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary will appeal to anyone who's lived through the 1980s. But it will also strike a chord with anyone who's ever been a confused, lonely teenager who clashes with their mother, takes themselves VERY seriously and has no idea how hilarious they are."

I can't believe I am about to say this, but I have to be honest, I preferred the television series.  Don't worry I'm already hanging my head in shame.  

In case you didn't know, this  book was made into a series last year on E4 and was damn good.  I loved every minute of every episode and it ticked all boxes for me, funny, engaging and at times brought me almost to tears.  If you know me, you will know that this is almost near on impossible, but there was something about Rae's character and the circumstances building up to the finale that just struck a cord and made me sit there like a shameful blubbering wreck.

Anywho, I would like to write this review purely on the books own merit but unfortunately I can't help but let the t.v. series skew my perception some what.  That being said I will try to do my best.

This is one of those books that you can skip through pretty quickly, it's a good little easy read which sometimes is all you want.  The book is set out diary style with daily entries from the author Rae Earl, a teenager in the first year of her A levels following a brief stint at a mental hospital; oh and most importantly, she's overweight; I had to mention this because really, that's what this book is really about.

This book for me never really seemed to take off, just pottered on and never came to anything.  I at least, given that this was based on her true diaries, expected somewhat of a finale or any after word as a bit of a follow up of Rae's life given that you had read through her thoughts and feeling as a teenager, but no, the book just came to a disappointing end, and I was left wondering what ever happened to Rae.

I also wasn't exactly gripped by this book and didn't really feel the same attachment to Rae as I did in the series.  I sympathised with her situation to a certain degree but just couldn't quite get to grips with her character and at times just felt like I could have just told her to  to 'man up and sort herself out', which is really not how you should feel given her predicament.

I suppose, given that this was a diary, I can't really comment on the writing style or quality, because quite frankly I'd be massively underwhelmed, but as I said, I guess I can't comment. I can however say that I was definitely disappointed by this book given how much I loved the series and wouldn't really recommend this as a good read.

Still fancy a read? You can buy the book here

I give this book a measly

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Wednesday, 6 November 2013


"And I know
And you know too
That a love like ours 
Is terrible news"

This post's TUNE comes from She and Him.  One of my most beloved groups, and how I love them so.  Of course I'm not biased despite my massive girl crush on Zooey Deshanel, but lets not go there.  Instead of talking about how beautiful she is, instead lets talk about her amazing voice and the stunning music this group produce.  Now, it's no secret that I love a bit of everything when it comes to music, but there is a special place in my heart for all things old school, as in Supremes, Al Green etc; and She and Him have that same beautiful innocent vintage sound.  There is not a song that I could not sit and listen to over and over again, this is very rare, most bands will have at least a few dud songs on each album, but every single one of their songs is just so beautifully crafted that you can't help but fall in love.  Soon I hope to have an old turntable and I can't think of anything more satisfying than placing a She and Him vinyl onto it and just letting it play, ahhhh, that will be bliss!

So please, I urge you, go and check out this beautiful song here and this beautiful group here.

Now, lets get down to business, where is this outfit...

How to Wear A Maxi in Winter

Look 1

Skirt: c/o Lavish Alice
Coat: Primark (old)
Moccasins: Primark (old)
Satchel: Camden Market (old)
Shirt: Primark (old)
Faux Fur: H&M (old) 

Look 2

Skirt: c/o Lavish Alice
Denim Jacket: Primark (old)
Boots: Topshop (£36.00)
T-Shirt: Topshop (old)
Snood: Primark (£5.00)
Bag: Miss Selfridge (old)
Watch: New Look (old)
Bracelets: Topshop/New Look (old)

If you follow me on twitter (shame on you if you don't) you will know that last week I found out I was a finalist for the Lavish Alice Blogger Style Off Competition, excited much?!?  I was told my mystery item would be winging it's way to me and would be on my doorstep the very next day.

Intrigued by the box that arrived that was almost the same size as me, I was don't think I could have gotten in there in faster if I tried, and boy was it worth it when I finished tangling with the packaging tape!  A gorgeous maxi skirt and hand written note all neatly packaged and beautiful to look at, it's the simple things that really make it all count.

I've never really worn maxi skirts in winter, I guess they've always been neatly filed away in my little brain under 'Summer Clothes', but this little beauty is gorgeously thick and has something of a woolen feel, which to me screams, 'take me out, wear me in winter'.  (It did not literally scream, I am not mental, fact... ish).

Anywho, I began thinking how I could style up a maxi skirt perfect for these coming winter months as it would be another lovely little feature to add to my wardrobe and a welcome break from jeans or skirt and thick tights.  Having had too many ideas floating around I fiured I would style it two ways, it definitely needed to be done.

With the first look I wanted to go for a classic and quite vintage look, making the most of my beautiful coat from Primark and my trusty satchel from Camden market.  I think the safe version would have been to go with a jacket for both looks but I thought I'd give a coat a try, and bingo, it works.  It's perfect for winter and gives this lovely skirt a totally new twist. 

Now with the second look I wanted something completely different, so this little rock look is definitely about as far away as you can get.  I love my denim jacket but just like the maxi's it only ever seems to get worn in summer, so this was a perfect opportunity to change all this.  My boots are a recent addition to my wardrobe but I'm in love with them and they look good with any outfit, as proven with this little beauty. Throw in my oversized black Dork T-shirt, a snood and you've got yourself a lovely little outfit suitable for winter days, although maybe as it gets colder I would stick a cardi on underneath the jacket too,just a thought.

As you can see this skirt is pretty versatile with two completely different looks and I absolutely love it and I hope you do too.

Let me know your thoughts below, and please cross your fingers for me to be the winner as I have already been eyeing up this gorgeous dress... oh and maybe this one too... :) 

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Stay Sexy,

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Schwarzkopf Colour Mask: A Review

I may not be a makeup and beauty expert, but there is one thing I have quite alot of experience with ... hair dye.

Since as long as I can remember I've dyed my hair, it's never been particularly dramatic, well most of the time (I have been known to bleach parts of my hair, attempt to dye it blue and instead end up with two aqua green strips framing my face); but none the less, every few weeks I faithfully grab another hair dye off the shelf, pour the contents on my head, cross my fingers and hope for the best.

I don't know if I am the only one, but for me, the colour on the box is never the colour I see when I look in the mirror, no matter how hard I squint.  So with this in mind I will review this product as fairly as I can.

So having stepped out of the hairdressers minus an inch and with a new fringe in check I headed off to find me some hair dye.  Whilst browsing the shelves of Savers (great pleace to get you hair and beauty products at much cheaper prices), I saw this lovely rounded little box looking back at me.  'Ooooh thats new, I'll try that', was the thought process, hell, I'm obviously easily led, you stick new on the box and I just have to try it.

This new product was Schwarzkopf Colour Mask - 568 Chestnut Brown to be precise. The colour was just what I was looking for and it was a new way in which to apply hair dye, who could resist, not me apparently.

Anywho I took it home and began to dye my hair.  Now it's pretty easy to use, mix the colour cream to the development cream in a little tub and give it a shake, and bingo, your good to go.  The mask looks like a grey paste, and is slightly off putting as it doesn't follow that standard hair dye cream look.

You apply this product much like you would a hair mask, however, it's quite thick in texture and so is quite hard to work through your hair.  Whilst applying this product I had already decided I didn't like it, and after having to break into the second box in order to finish the job I was getting pretty annoyed.  Yes, my hair is now longer than it's been for a long time, but it's not overly thick and I never think it warrents two dyes, by hey ho, I can let this go.

The plus point during application is that it's very much non-messy.  I'm very good at managing to get hair dye on my newly decorated bathroom, much to the annoyance of my boyfriend, so it's quite nice to use a product that leaves a clean, dye free bathroom.

After waiting the 30 minutes I washed the product out.  Now, this is another plus point as there didn't seem to be loads of colour running out as per usual when you wash you hair at this point, and even after a few washes it doesn't seem to wash out as is the case with all other dyes I've tried.

However, when I had actually blow dryed my hair it's safe to say the colour was far from the one on the box, no amount of squinting could fix this bad boy, my hair is very nearly close to black.  I'm massively disappointed and annoyed to be fair, black hair does not suit me AT ALL, I look ill, I am not a fan.  This colour is a as far from the packet as any other I have used before.

So on that note, I would like to say I will not be using this product again, but would like to know if you have had experience with this hair dye?  Also, does anybody know how to get my hair back lighter without using any too extreme methods?

I give this product:

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Peace and Love,