Friday, 15 November 2013

Killing me Softly

"Strumming my pain with his fingers,
singing my life with his words,
killing me softly with his song..."

This post's TUNE comes from The Fugees.  I don't know much of the Fugees work but what little I've heard I absolutely love it, and this song is one of those tunes that make me really respect this little group.  There is something very soulful about Lauren Hill's voice that strikes the same chord for me as that of Amy Winehouse, who if you know me, is my most beloved female songstress!  So yeah, this tune is most definitely worth a listen, which you can do here, and have a look at their website here.  You can't go wrong with a bit of old skool, so make sure you give it a listen!

Anywho, moving on....


Skirt: Miss Selfridge (Sale, £7.00)
Blazer: River Island (old)
Brogues: New Look (£24.99)
Tights: Primark (old)
Jumper: Primark (£14.00)
Shirt: New Look (old)
Watch/Bracelets: F Hinds / Topshop (old)
Bag: Charity Shop
Bowler hat: H&M (old)

I would just like to say that I don't spend all my time hanging round cemetery's, it just happens that these pictures were taken in one aswell, hell, they are quiet and there is no-one round, which generally spells perfect picture taking opportunities without the embarrassment!

Anywho, this look is pretty much all new, which for me is absolutely amazing.  What can I say, winter is here and I've been investing in some items which are hopefully gonna keep me all warm and cosy.  This jumper from Primark is wonderfully warm and cosy and is that weird fluffy kinda stuff that just seems to be everywhere at the moment.  I teamed this with a pink shirt underneath which just happened to be the perfect colour match and stuck on my bargain skater skirt and a pair of black tights with a blazer over top, the jumper kept me nice and warm and I think a big coat would have been over kill!

The brogues are my newest addition which I picked up in New Look and are real leather.  I love brogues and live in my other two pairs, so this is a nice addition to their little family, and knowing that they are leather I can sleep soundly knowing that they will last the test of time.

Finally this bag is a little something I picked up in a charity shop.  You know when you pop out in your dinner hour, casually go into a charity shop and just pick up a bag?  No, me neither, but this was a rare occasion that just happened.  This is real leather too, and I just love the style, oh and it was the bargain price of £6.75!  Thank you whatever old biddy wanted rid of this, it now fits beautifully into my wardrobe!

This weekend gone was a really good one.  I went to London to visit my uni friends and just generally have a bit of a nosey round.  We visited the Spirit of Chirstmas as my friend had some free tickets courtesy of Lovewue who had the cutest jewellery and a few other pieces on their stall.  I've never been here but what I figured was it's totally worth going just for all the free food and drink samples we received, which were all damn good.

After this we had some good grub at the Laughing Gravy which is a cute little restaurant tucked away on the south bank, and then onto the Shard for what is the most expensive drinks I have ever seen, but totally worth it given the amazing view over London.  Sunday was a bit of a lazy day but my highlight was definitely getting some Frozen Yoghurt in Selfridge's, damn it was good, I need to find a frozen yoghurt place here in south Wales, if you know of any please let me know!

Hope you've all had a lovely week, let me know what you've been up to!

La la love,


  1. You look beautiful doll in that outfit. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Gorgeous outfit! I'm so excited for winter clothing. I bought a brown leather jacket the other week and it has me so excited for layering and bundling. And those song lyrics are perfect. Thank you for the share :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. Ah all the details, the cozy sweater, the colors and that song! It all fits together to a beautiful whole :)



  4. First of all love that song, haven't heard it in ages but now I'm listening to it
    Gorgeous outfit! I love the details of the jumper :)
    Have a great weekend
    Madeleine || Madeleine in Wonderland

  5. I love your outfit and that jumper is perfect....

  6. Wow! lovely and classy. I love it . I am writing to give you the Sunshine award for having such a beautiful blog.

  7. Love that song! And what a great sweater- such a fun print :)


  8. Listen to Ex-Factor by Lauryn Hill...breathtaking you'll love it! Great blog, love your bag :)

    K x

  9. I love the outfit. I've been yearning for a pair of oxfords for 2 years now and just haven't found the perfect pair (that are within my price range).

  10. Hi Helen, great post! I love that song and I love your outfit; great jumper! I've tagged you in The Winter Tag. You can find my Winter Tag post on my blog from 11am tomorrow. x
    The Jolly Fashionista

  11. Lovely Outfit! :) I love your blog design! x

  12. Lovely outfit and your blog looks amazing! And I'm your 300th follower! Congratulations!

    Sarah x

  13. I absolutely love this outfit I think it's totally gorgeous! But I genuinely don't think I could pull something like that off cause it's so far from my style it's scary, but I wish I could :) It's gorgeous on you!! I may try that jumper on tomorrow when I'm in town though.

    Natalie xx

    p.s love that song!! xxx

  14. You have a really unique style!

  15. Love this outfit!

    Aya =]