Friday, 22 August 2014

Ten Chambray Items for Summer (Plus Size Options included!)

Chambray is the fabric for summer time. Lightweight and breathable, it gives the look of denim without being so bulky – something you definitely want to avoid in the summertime. I’ve gathered a few options that’ll introduce the greatness that is chambray into your wardrobe, piece by piece.

You can pair these pieces the way you would your usual denim – go simple and casual with a simple pair of pants, my favourite would be a pair of pixies. Splurge on these from J Crew, but for a cheaper (and just as good) alternative, try these from Old Navy. The Old Navy ones go up to a size 20, so they’re a great plus size alternative too. 

For some more plus size options, there are these shorts and this sleeveless top, both from One Stop Plus. The top has a fun floral pattern on the back panel, so that makes for a perfect pairing with those pixies from earlier. Here’s a great shirt option from the Gap that goes up to an XXL.

You can go nuts with your jewelry, since this is such a versatile fabric. Bring in lots of color with a statement piece like the Poppy Fringe or Linked Pear Stone necklaces.

p.s. I edit all my pics with PicMonkey.