Saturday, 4 May 2013

What a Dilemma

Sometimes in life we have to make some really tough decisions... this isn’t one of them, but still, I think it ranks high enough to call for a bit of advice.

The other night I went shopping in Cardiff as you do, not really looking for anything in particular, but then I wandered into Topshop and started looking at the shoes... dum dum dummmmmm !  I found two pairs I absolutely love, they were both the style I was looking for and looked similar to a pair I had wanted a little while ago but they had stopped selling.  Now, I’m not very good at making decisions as it is, and it didn’t help that both shoes were leather and very reasonable priced, only between 30 and 35 pounds.... what a frickin’ bargain!

Anywho, so these are the little beauties I’m talking about:

I can’t seem to find them on the Topshop website, at least not in these colours, so I can’t link them I’m afraid.

I do love both pairs, but I think I should really only keep one, it’s a bit greedy otherwise.  Both are a size 4 (I’m normally a 5, but is it me or are Topshop sizes just generally all out?!?!), but both fit and would stretch as they are leather.  If I had the choice, I would have had the Navy ones in Black, but there wasn’t any there in my size, but I do love the navy.... then again, I do love the beige, and they fit just that little bit better...

Decisions, decisions....

So my friends, which ones would you keep?  Or would you just keep both?  Let me know, help a very indecisive woman out!

Cheers m’dears,


  1. They are both gorgeous but if you must only keep one i would choose the blue ones x

  2. navy ones all the way! xx

  3. I vote navy!! Lovely xx

  4. They are both stunning but i'm afraid i'd go against the other comments and pick the beige ones! xx

  5. keep both if you really love them ;)

  6. I thought the navy ones were black so I would have said those ones, but now that I know they are navy I say keep the beige! Especially if they fit better, that is the most important part.

  7. we know how you feel! If we had to pick between the 2 we'd go with the second becuase it is alot more versatile therefore you'll get more wear out of them. But who are we kiding?! keep them both!!

  8. i really love the beige ones!


  9. Probably both, but if not, the darker ones! xx