Thursday, 23 May 2013

Maybelline Super Stay Concealer: A Review

As promised I appear to be going through my makeup bag giving you a lowdown and review on pretty much every item in it.

Today item: Maybelline Super Stay Concealer

I have used the same type of concealer since using makeup, the good old cover up stick.  However, given my recent over haul of my beauty products I decided to have a go at a liquid concealer instead, namely Maybelline’s Super Stay Concealer.

I’ll start off by saying I’m not exactly blown away by this product, it’s probably average at best. 

The concealer has a liquid/cream texture that isn’t too thick and actually goes on quite nicely; it doesn’t feel heavy on your skin and blends in quite well and I would say matches my skin tone perfectly, I used #2 Light Beige.

However... Given that this is a concealer, I do find that it doesn’t exactly do much concealing and you can still clearly see any blemishes that you were initially trying to cover up.  It’s not exactly totally transparent but it does seem like that cream isn’t thick enough to cover anything sufficiently.

The product comes in a tube with an application wand with a spongy tip.  I do quite like the applicator as it does allow you to apply the product exactly where you want it, providing you wipe off the excess in the tube before applying as it turns out a little bit goes a long way.

I would also say that the product doesn’t last very long and will rub off quickly through the day, and by the time it comes to take my makeup off there is hardly any product left on.

I do normally love all Maybelline products and will still continue to use the brand, but I would not buy another one of these concealers as it doesn’t do a good enough job in covering up my blemishes.  I do however, quite like the liquid concealer and so will be trying this in another brand.

Generally, not the worst concealer I’ve ever used but definitely not up to scratch.

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  1. The last time I tried this it went really cakey under my eyes and barely did anything, such a shame as I had such high hopes!! Any recommendations for a good coverage concealer? x

    I would love it if anyone had a few moments to check my blog out? Thanks in advance! xx

  2. I actually have this and can only use it to cover spots because it doesnt look so good under the eyes. And your right it didn't last very long for me either.

    -B ♡


  3. The best concealer I've tried is Collection 2000's, it's similar to this Maybelline one but it's very thick, almost like a paste, and it covers blemishes really well! xx

  4. Thanks for the review! Sorry to hear the pigmentation isn't quite good enough. My all-time favourite liquid concealer, though a bit pricier, is MAC Select Cover-Up. Works great under eyes and on blemishes!


  5. Super disappointing! Thanks for the review