Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Holiday Reads

Whilst on holiday I managed to get through quite a few books.  It’s reminded me how much I love reading, I used to get through books so many books, but recently, mainly since I moved into my house, I’ve neglected the old reading, but for now on I plan on doing more! 

Anywho, I figured seen as I have read so many recently and they kept me nicely occupied whilst on holidays, I would give you a bit of a run down on each and what I thought of them, a review if you will.
So here goes:

Playing with Grown Ups: Sophie Dahl

This just isn’t fair, how can you be a model and write amazing books...  Damn, some people got really lucky when God was handing out talents.  So you may recognise her name if nothing else, what with her granddaddy being Roald Dahl, the best childrens book author of all time in my opinion (and my opinion is always right); and that should be reason enough for you to pick up this book... and then not put it down again until it’s finished.  I do love a good author, one that writes so well that you can picture every detail and know every character inside and out, and this lady is one of them.
Kitty is a young lady trying to grow up like every other teenager but with a somewhat unconventional family.  Her mother is a dreamer, who appears to not take well to motherhood and would rather live out her life doing as she pleases.  We watch how Kitty tries to grow up as ‘normal’ as she can be whilst moving around and meeting different people, most of whom are not the kind of influences you would want for a young girl. 
I just loved this book and I really think you will too, so please go and buy it, read it, and then let me know what you think!

I Heart London: Lindsey Kelk

I love these books.  Yes, I know, they are just your typical “chic lit”, but sometimes, you just want a good old girly read.  Lets be honest, this book is not gonna win any prizes for creative writing but like I said, sometimes, a good old bit of Chic lit is exactly what you need and this one definitely gives you that.  It would probably be best for you to have read the previous books in the series (I Heart...), but this one gives a good enough story in itself for you to get your claws into.  Having finally settled down with her gorgeous boyfriend, Angela Clark, has decided to introduce him to her parents back in England.  After an eventful few days a rush wedding is plans and thus hilarity ensues, you know the drill...
So yup, good for a bit of chic lit, but don’t expect the next Pride and Prejudice.

Hospital Babylon: Imogen Edwards-Jones

The Babylon series gives a behind the scenes glimpse into different situations using real life events told in story format over the space of one day (and breath).  This book is told from the perspective of a junior doctor working in a British Hospital, and despite it’s seemingly serious expose nature, it really is quite an amusing read.  We find out what the codes on our charts really mean, how doctors deal with a hangover and what really goes on whilst you’re out cold.  I have read pretty much all of the books in this series (you may recognise Hotel Babylon, as there was a TV series based upon it), and I love them all.  The pace of all stories are fast moving enough to constantly hold your attention and the way they are told is really very clever.
Go on give it a go!  I know you will love this book!

Someone Else’s Life: Katie Dale

So when looking up this book for the links for this review I discovered that this book was in fact written for teenagers...  I’m twenty six!  So anyway, despite my apparent teenagers mentality, I still enjoyed this book.  Admittedly, I wasn’t blown away by the writing style, but given what I now know, I can understand why it wasn’t exactly up to scratch of what I would expect.  The story is based around Rosie, who’s mother Trudie dies from Huntington’s disease and is faced with the prospect of 50% chance of inheriting the disease herself.  However, her life is turned upside down when she discovers that Trudie was not her mother after all, as she was switched at birth.  We then follow Rosie’s journey to find her real mother and the life she never had.
Overall, worth a read if you don’t fancy anything too challenging, or if you happen to really like teen books...  who knows?!?!

Wonder: R. J. Palacio

August is a young boy who was born with a facial deformity, and this is his story.  Told from the perspective of August, his family and friends, this book gives an interesting insight into the different mindsets of individuals.  As things change for August and he starts a new school we see how he gains confidence and wins over everyone with his humour and amazing personality.  I personally loved this book, my boyfriend started reading it and got bored after the first few pages but stick with it, you need to get to the story being told from different perspectives and that is where it all starts coming together and making sense!
This is one of those books that you don’t forget, and reminds me alot of “Room”(EXCELLENT book, please please read).  Beautifully written and with characters you genuinely feel for this is my favourite of all my holiday reads!

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  1. Good selection!!!
    xoxo Sophia

  2. I kind of want to read the Wonder book.. seems very interesting!

    - Janine