Thursday, 16 May 2013

I’m Ready for My Close Up #3

Here we are again with another portrait and therefore close up of my face.  The Joy haha.

I hate to break with tradition so I may aswell start off with a little update on my skin, and this time I’m not grumbling (makes a change, my boyfriend will back me up on that on that...).

Anywho, so for what seems like forever I have been having regular bouts of spots which left behind dark red marks, just to serve as a little reminder that they were there, charming.  However, recently, I have had no spots and touch wood (actually doing it right now), it seems like my skin has got a lot better!  Yeyyyy!

I would like to be able to give you an exact solution to my spot problem but there seem to have been many factors which I think have helped and have stopped my spots.  Of course, I’ll still share exactly what has changed because maybe it was just one of these things:

  1. I went on holiday.  Ok, I’m not bragging here, I’m just saying that I went on holiday to a hot country and therefore did not wear any makeup for the entire 2 weeks which I think gave my skin a much needed break from the stuff.
  2. As I was going to a India and it is a high risk for malaria I had to take medication to prevent actually catching said disease.  For this I took Doxycycline for 6 weeks (yup, six whole weeks!).  Now, I think that this is the main reason why my skin has improved, as Doxycycline is an antibiotic which is not only used for the prevention of malaria, but also to treat acne!  Of course medications work differently for everyone, and I was lucky enough to not get any of the side effects (look them up before you go abroad as light sensitivity is one), but I do think that this antibiotic has cleared up my skin, and it’s effects seem to be continuing.
  3. I changed my pill to Co-cypriniol, which again was originally used as an acne medication but was found to work also as a contraceptive.  
  4. Every day I now use a face scrub whilst in the shower, alternating between two different ones but both of the same brand (St Ives to be exact), I’ll talk more about these in a different post.
So as you can see there does seem to be a lot of factors involved in my skin getting better.  Not only have the breakouts stopped but also, the marks left from previous spots are also slowly disappearing. 

Obviously my skin still isn’t perfect but it is now a lot better.  I accept that my skin will never be perfect and I will still probably get spots at some point, but right now it’s a million times better and I’m happy with it.

If you want any more information about what has been helping my skin then just get in touch, happy to help!

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Buh bye,


  1. Your blog is so sweet! Loving it :)


  2. That's great to hear! we hate havingbreak outs

  3. Glad you've been seeing improvements! Acne is so incredibly frustrating, so such a relief when we find things that work. Your skin looks great! xo


  4. your skin looks great!

    - Janine

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