Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hounds of Love

When I was a child: 
Running in the night, 
Afraid of what might be

This post’s TUNE comes from Kate Bush.  This song is cracking on a bit now admittedly, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less amazing.  This song has also been covered by The Futureheads which some of you may have recognised more, or maybe not, either way this was originally sun by Kate Bush and this is by far (in my opinion) then better version.  Completely pointless bit of information here, but my first ever dog was named after Kate Bush, obviously my parents picked the name as I wasn’t even born then, she was a bulldog, ah Katie, bless her.

Please check it out and give the song a listen here and visit her website here.


Disco Pants: Boutique in Liver pool (old)
Top: New Look (sale, £7.00)
Jacket: New Look 915 (£14.99)
Daps: Primark (£3.00)
Back Pack: Primark (£9.00)
Watch: New Look (old)

I love this outfit, there’s not alot to it, but I think it’s awesome. 

Once again, I’ve broken out the disco pants, they’re just like Pringles, once you pop you just can’t stop... Or so they say...  Anywho, after finding my love for the disco pants again I decided to mix them up in a totally different way which is alot more casual.

As these beauties are high waisted it means I can get away with wearing my lovely sale New Look tie top and not expose my stomach to the world, I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel with my midriff hanging out...  or anyone else around me for that matter.  So I’m more than happy to be wearing a crop top as long as my trousers/skirt/whatever else comes up to meet it instead... there is some kind of logic there somewhere...

Now, I could have glammed this up with a pair of fancy heels, but thats not really me, I can barely walk in flats, lets not add high heels to the mix; so I decided to opt for my good old (now not quite as white) daps from Primark.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to break out my new baseball jacket, as I haven’t really had any outfits to wear it with and since I bought it a few weeks ago I think it’s starting to feel neglected.  This jacket is actually New Look 915, which you guessed it, is New Looks kids wear.  I’m not ashamed to say I buy children’s clothes, and size 12-13 at that, hell, they are alot cheaper and sometimes fit better than my own size... go figure.  This jacket only cost £14.99, but to buy it in Topshop for extremely similar is around fifty quid... you do the maths, I know what I would rather pay!

So yup, finally, I stuck on my back pack, my watch that is far too big for my child like wrists and off we went.  When I say ‘we went’, I mean we went on a trip down to Cardiff to have a little walk around the park with our little doggy whereby we were stopped every 20 seconds by someone who wanted to come and see him because he is so damn Cute, don’t believe me?  Well, judge for yourselves... I blinkin’ love him:

That’s all for now people, hope you have all had an awesome bank holiday!

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  1. Oh my gosh, your dog is so CUTE! I have a boxer, they'd look so cute together haha

    http://nataliewrites.co.uk x

  2. Aww your dog is adorable!! love your outfit too!


  3. You look lovely! And your dog is just adorable!xo


  4. What a great look! Can't go wrong with a simple outfit that so stylish and cool. And your dog is so precious! xo



  5. Great trousers :)

  6. You look amazing. You have just a gorgeous figure, and I love your hair :D xx

    Gemma | MissMakeupMagpie.co.uk

  7. So jealous of your figure, wish my legs were as long as yours instead of just being short and stumpy ha! Love it layered up with the jacket too :)

    louisejoyb x

  8. You look absolutely amazing! The outfit is super trendy, love it! (:


  9. Love your blog gorgeous!
    You pull off disco pants so well :)


  10. Your denim top is so cute!


  11. nice tights!

    - Janine

  12. Super cute doggyyy! Aww. Love the outfit too :)


  13. so nice post :)

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  15. Sweet Blog site. I dig the blog:)