Saturday, 18 May 2013

Needy Girl

When you're home alone, you don't answer the phone, alright.

But it's like a crime if I don't answer mine tonight

This post’s TUNE comes from Chromeo.  This duo used to be one of my favourites, hell they still are!  With a mixture of electronic and funk all their songs are just incredibly catchy and set them apart from anything I have heard.  This song is particularly good, which is why I picked it, not as a cry for help, just letting you know.
Please check out the video here and have a sneak peek at their website here.

Moooooooving on...

Dungarees: New Look (£22.99)
T Shirt: Primark (£3.00)
Daps: Primark (£3.00)
Backpack: Primark (£9.00)
Bracelets: Topshop/New Look (old)

When I took these it was actually sunny outside and I could comfortably go out with my wee white legs exposed and not be cold.  Of course the weather has changed since then and until it changes back I will not be stepping outside my door without being fully wrapped up.

But I digress...

The dungarees were bought a while back just before everyone started wearing them (everyone!) ready for holiday (see my post on my holiday packing here) and they did well to serve their purpose.  I was hopeful that I would be able to continue to wear them back home but other than this one occasion the weather has made good and sure that these lovely dungarees remain tucked away neatly in my wardrobe, boooo!

I think it’s a bit difficult to style a pair of dungarees as alot of tops just don’t look right underneath, but I do think that this one (also bought for holidays), goes perfectly, and as an added bonus has Jimi Hendrix on it, so it’s all good in the hood.

To go nicely with my t shirt and dungarees combination I stuck on a pair of good old white daps.  I don’t think there has been a summer as far back as I can remember where I haven’t had a pair of white daps, and with them only being £3.00 in Primark you can’t really go wrong.  It’s quite handy that they are so cheap as I don’t know about anyone else but my white daps just don’t seem to stay white...

The final accessory is my multi-coloured backpack which I absolutely love but is totally impractical as a backpack as you can’t put much in there as the handles or anything else will slowly start to tear.  So no loading my bag up with the same old crap as I normally do then.  Of course, as I like the bag and it looks pretty I can forgive it and will aim to leave behind some of my crap in order for it to live a bit longer.

Finally, look how much my hair has grown!  I can now tie it up in a pony tail, albeit with the help from a couple of clips but I do love being able to just stick it up and not have to blow dry it.  I have been guilty of going to work every day for the past few weeks with this hair style.  (Lazy Cow!)  I can’t remember the last time it was actually this long (I know it’s not exactly down my back but for me this is long), and I’m not sure really what I want to do.  I think I may continue to grow it for another few months or maybe until the end of the year and then one day just go to the hairdressers and have it all hacked back off... Is it weird that I get some sort of satisfaction out of that?  Oh yes it is weird?! oh fair enough...

Anyway, there you go, a summer outfit which is kind of ironic given the sh*t  weather.  Ah well....

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Toodle Pip,


  1. I love your style so much! Your look great x

  2. This outfit is so summery! Love the backpack, as if it's from Primark as well! Awesome :) xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  3. Wow nice and lovely outfit! I adore the bag. Keep up the good posts.

  4. super cute look

  5. Thank you for commenting on my blog, I love yours :)
    Followed you on GFC and bloglovin
    ..and love the outfit!

  6. I loved that song when it came out!! I sometimes get it stuck in my head for no reason!! Like right now.. :)
    Cute outfit its fun, casual and perfect for summer days!!

    Madeleine In Wonderland


  7. Super cute outfit! Loving those overalls on you and the backpack is really cool! xo


  8. Love this look, it really suits you!

    Beauty Baroness ☮♥

  9. I love your outfit! The overalls look so nice on you =D


  10. Your back pack is so cute :) great style x

  11. I love the dungarees and the backpack! This outfit is super cute!

    Jamie ♥

  12. I was really a dungarees nostalgic!!
    Nice pics!!!

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  13. Your overalls are so cute :)

    Check out my beauty blog!

  14. thanks for checking out my blog and i am now following you now! love your blog

  15. wow the first picture is amazing! :) love the backpack!

  16. What a cute outfit for summer! Love it, especially the backpack though it's a shame about only being able to put a little inside.

    Emily x