Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Things that Dreams are made of

Take time to see the wonders of the world
To see the things you've only ever heard of”

This post’s TUNE comes from The Human League.  Everybody knows “Don’t you want me baby...” mainly because it is a hell of a song, but my personal favourite is this little number.  I think by now you might have started to realise that my musical taste is very eclectic, but I do have a bit of a thing for the eighties, despite some of the fashion disasters which came from this period, there were many a tune produced that has stood the test of time, well in my eyes I think it has!

Listen to the video here and check out the website here.

This is what my dreams are made of....

Dress: Primark (old)
Tights: Primark (£3.00)
Shoes: Tesco (old)
Watch: F Hinds (old)
Bag: Primark (old)
Jacket: Primark (old)

Ok, so this is what I'm slowly learning whilst doing this blog... Half of my wardrobe is Primark.  Fact.
There's nowt wrong with that but I guess I didn't realise just how much money I have donated (spent) through shopping in Primark over the years, I think I might be just about keeping them going... well me and the rest of the country...

Anywho, I love this little baby doll dress, it's so pretty, but so old, but given the material it has survived well!  As it is just so cute I have kept the accessories to a minim other than my good old faithful watch (one must always wear a watch don't you know), and a pair of polka dot tights.

Ah polka dot, it seems to be doing the rounds at the moment and I am all for it, I love it and I especially love these tights!  I normally wear a medium in tights (mainly for the height, I'm 5'8"), but with these I bought large as I think it's so easy to rip tights like these so it's best not to have to pull them too much... just a bit of a tip there.

I have finished the outfit off with a splash of red using my old mack that I can't even remember buying it was that long ago... But I think looks quite fitting.

So there you go, another outfit another day.

p.s. Do you like my new glasses?

I was sent them by Firmoo, you can check out my post on these bad boys here.

Toodle Pip,


  1. Wow those tights are great :)
    Love the pop of colour from the jacket x

  2. Love those tights!

  3. Those tights and the jecket are so cute! Keep up the great work hun!

    p.s. we love your new glasses :)

  4. Stop being so cute! No wait... don't.

    xx we are purple

  5. Love those tights!!!
    xoxo Sophia

  6. I love your retro/vintage style! so cute.

  7. What a lovely dress! The feminine and retro-inspired touches are so great. The patterned tights are fab too :)


  8. I love Primark, the one near me isn't very big but I still manage to find some great pieces. I really love their jewellery.
    The dress is very cute, I really like the collar.


  9. Simple,but very nice outfit ! :) :)
    Those tights are great !

  10. hello! thanks for coming to my blog! i love yours! cheers!