Friday, 22 March 2013

Everyday Hair

Currently I guess I have a bit of a lob going on (nothing disgusting people, just a long bob), mainly due to me wanting to grow my hair for holidays and because I’m bored of it as a bob.  Although, that being said, I’m always getting bored of my hair and am constantly trying to grow it long and then going and having it all hacked off.

So anyway, I thought I would show you just what I’m using on my hair and how I style it (don’t take the mickey, I know there’s not exactly loads of style there but the fact it all goes under the same way is a bit of an achievement).

So these are the usual suspects when it comes to my hair care (or possibly lack of it given the amount of stuff I've seen other people using):

Every day I use Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Apple Shampoo, this one to be exact:

And then about twice a week I will use conditioner (I won’t lie here, it changes all the time, but recently I have been using Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volume Boost Apple Conditioner):

Before drying my hair I apply Moroccan oil to the ends, brushing hair before and after application (I buy one from home bargains which costs £2.99, I know there are alot more expensive ones out there):

And then apply some mousse.  Currently I'm using Schwarzkopf Supersoft Volumising Mousse but I seem to find that any mousse works the same:

Now its blow drying time.  To style my hair I use a round-barrel brush, and this seems to work a treat.

As it usually dries quickest, I start off by drying my fringe.  I usually style mine by wrapping it all around the brush facing forward, not pulled over to the side you want (a cowslick look is not a good one), and then continue to do this until dry.  When pretty much dry, pull it over in the direction you want it to go and blow dry until completely dry, you should then be able to push the fringe over.

Now, from your parting, lift up every section and aim the hairdryer at the base of the hair aiming up, do this all over you hair.  This helps dry the roots quicker and gives a bit of volume:

n.b. There is no need to pull the face, it should still work.

Now lift the tops layers of your hair from the root and blow dry to the ends, this should help style the top layers of hair. 

We can now start to style the bottom to get it into a perfect bob shape.

So now you should have lovely bobbed shaped hair with it all facing nicely inwards, just like this:
If like me you have stupid hair which isn't beautiful and thick like (what seems like) everyone elses then don't worry because you can cheat using Babyliss Root boost crimpers.  Crimp the roots right round the hair to create even volume.

Finally, comb through, getting your fringe exactly how you would like it and then go mad with the hair spray (I personally think that my hair spray use has solely caused the hole in the ozone layer).

I use Tresemme Extra Hold: 


And bish bosh bosh, job done!

Ta da!

Happy Styling,


  1. Your hair always looks nice. I hate outgrowing bobs and I'm the same, get bored and have my long hair chopped off, xoxo.

  2. Love your hair style and your hair cut!You look very pretty! Hugs

  3. Love your hair, the always looks very nice!
    xoxo Sophia

  4. Thanks for the tutorial!! (:

  5. Your hair always looks salon blow dryed! We don't have the patience to do this :) We've heard alot about morocan oil. Doesn't it make much difference?

  6. Your hair colour is lovely and I think it's at quite a nice length for your face at the moment!!

    It would be FABULOUS if you guys could check my blog out please? Would MAKE MY DAY!! :D xx