Sunday, 10 March 2013

Money Supermarket Passion For Fashion

Recently I was contacted about entering the Moneysupermarket Passion for Fashion Challenge.  I did enter last year, but alas, like many others I’m sure, I was unsuccessful... But that’s not putting me off because I love doing stuff like this so here we go again.

There are three categories this year: Beach, Casual and Party, and three judges: Natasha from Girl in the Lens, Jen from A Little Bird Told Me and Olivia from What Olivia Did who will be judging each category respectively.  Each outfit must be complete for under £200.00 and you can find all the details you need here.

And here folks are my entries:


This one seems very appropriate given that I will indeed be sunning myself on the beach soon, so have had plenty of time to think about exactly what I will be wearing whilst lying on the beach soaking up the sun.

This my dears is my dream beach outfit:

Total: £163.00

Dungarees: Topshop (£38.00)
T Shirt: Topshop (£12.00)
Rucksack: Accessorize (£32.00) 
Sunglasses: Accessorize (£15.00)
Bikini Top: River Island (£20.00)
Bikini Bottom: River Island (£14.00)
Bracelet: Accessorize (£8.00)
Sandals: Topshop (£24.00)

I have a pair of dungarees to take with me on hols and I'm so excited to wear them!  Their such a good alternative to the standard pair of hot pants I usually find myself in, and they just look so damn retro.  However, as I have discovered whilst trying to find somoething to go under them it is particularly tricky to find anything that looks quite right, but I have discovered that a plain tee with rolled sleeves goes just perfectly... ahhh, I do love a good rolled sleeve so I do!

As I've said before, I hate flip flops so a pair of sandals is necessary, and these ones are just gorgeous, look at them... now look again... see their lovely aren't they!

Finally, as it's beach wear a bikini was not just nice but necessary, as is a pair of sunglasses, backpack to put all your beach essentials in and a token bracelet to give that beach hippy look.

Happy days!  I cannot wait to hit the beach!


I’m definitely more of a day time wear girl rather than evening stuff, so I’m more than happy to have had to plan an everyday outfit.

I am indeed loving the pinafore style that is everywhere right now, so I fidured I would plan my outfit around one of these little beauties, so...

Total: £131.99

Tights: Matalan (£3.50)
Pinafore Dress: River Island (£22.00)
Leather Loafers: ASOS (£40.00)
Blouse: New Look (£16.99)
Bag: Accessorize (£45.00)
Earrings: Matalan (£2.00)
Bow Brooch: Topshop (£2.50, sale)

Keeping it monochrome, keeping it on trend, but still keeping it exactly my style.  These pinafore dresses couldn't be more my style if the tried, I absolutely love them!  I prefer a plain style pinafore so you can dress it up or down as you wish depending on what you wear underneath, and in this case I have gone for a polka dot blouse.

Along with a pair of tassel loafers (these ones happen to be real leather so I think are well worth the money) and a little bow brooch which I would pin on the top button of the shirt, I think this is a very vintage look, sooooo perfectly me!  

To accessorise I have just chosen a simple pair of pearl earrings and a beautiful black and white bag, which I had previously been admiring in a different colour, but I thought this just matched unbelievably.

Ahhhhh, I want it all, bye bye money in bank account....


Obviously, despite the fact that I love day wear more, every now and again I do love to get all dressed up and go into town for a few beverages.
Is it weird that when I go out I like to have a hint of a theme going on, most of the time I’ll go out and say to my friends “this is my X look”, bit weird I know... But in light of this...

This is my Sixties Look:

Total: £115.39

Dress: Miss Selfridge (£39.00)
Shoes: Debenhams (£24.00, sale)
Bag: Mango (£29.99)
Earrings: Dorothy Perkins (£6.50)
Eye liner: Rimmel Via Boots Exaggerate Eye liner: Black (£4.29, currently on offer)
Lipstick:Rimmel Via Boots Kate Moss Matte Lipstick, 113 (£5.49)
Nail Polish: Rimmel Via Boots 60 Seconds Nail Polish: Red Carpet (£2.99, on offer) 
Hairspray: Boots Tressmme Superior Hold (£3.13, on offer)

I saw this dress in Miss Selfridge the other day and I just fell in love with it.  Given my bob and flickety side fringe and my complete love of eyeliner, I figured this would be the perfect sixties look, and who doesn’t love the sixties!  Plus, given the monochrome colours its bang on trend for this season... look at me being all fashion forward (well trying anyway).

Despite the cold this outfit would have to be braved bare legged (or maybe given my daz white ones, with clear tights), because without this the whole look is going to fall apart... nooooooo!

To go with the theme I thought these super cute block heeled court shoes were needed.  I am not really a high heeled kind of girl, and plus they look perfect with my outfit as they don’t distract from the main piece which is my beautiful dress.  

A small patent bag to accessorise looks just right along with deep red nails to add a splash of colour with statement sixties eye makeup and nude lips I think completes this look.

I've deliberately not added many accessories because I really don't think it needs it, I'm keeping it simple, I'm keeping it sixties!

Oh god, I think I love this outfit... I hope you do to!

Let me know what you think, would you wear any of these looks and which is your favourite?

Peace and Love,


  1. I'm loving the beach outfit! Xx

  2. The bags are stunning and I think I'm going to get the first t shirt from TopShop now that I've seen it here!!

    I would LOVE IT SO MUCH if you guys would check my blog out, and maybe even follow too?!?! :D xx

  3. I love them all great job!! thanks for stopping by my blog!

    stop by anytime!

  4. Lovely pieces!!! :)
    xoxo Sophia

  5. I love your casual look ideas, I'm off to the River Island website right now to search for that pinafore!!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog post - the schedule post thing is really easy. In blogger on the right hand side when you're composing a post there's a thing that says 'automatic' - if you click that it expands to show the option 'schedule' and then you can select the date and time. Hit 'publish' and it will save it, and publish at the date you specify. Ta da!

    Let me know how you can get on with it.

    P xx

  6. Wow love the new look of the blog :) Thanks for stopping at mine by the way :)
    Hope you do well in the comp - these are such good entries, I love the laid back beach feel and the
    monochrome feel in the casual and party look. Good luck

    Laura x

  7. I love the monochrome evening wear post - so pretty <3


  8. I love the looks you came up with :) especially the casual!
    i'm now following your blog, it's lovelyyy! xx

  9. The dream beach outfit is amazing. I seriously need one of those free-wheeling hippie kind of rucksacks. I keep saying I have to get one.

    The party outfit is very prim and proper - a far cry from the super tall heels and skin tight garments you often see - love it :)

  10. Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3


  11. Great selections! Love the '60s-inspired party look the best, I think. That dress is lovely :)


  12. Love your choices but, sadly, because of my age couldn't wear many of them (alas!). My favourites are the 60s dress and the loafers (very reasonably priced too).
    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Ruth (Rosie Outlook's mum)

  13. This is great! Sounds like a fun competition x I might look into it!

    Isabel Rose

  14. I love the Overalls or dungarees! they are awesome, im really going to be going out and getting me a pair!

  15. Love your choices!!
    Great blog and I love your layout.
    Let me know if you would like to know how to get rid of the feint lines around all of your images ;)


  16. You have some great choices there but I have to say I love your casual look! Its very well put together and I like that!
    The detailing on the bag is super cute also!

    I have tagged you in my latest post if you want to check it out

    The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger TAG


  17. Love the concept of this post!
    New blog post is up of my latest beauty buys! Pop over and say hi :)

  18. cool outfit, love the 60s inspired party look!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  19. Totally in love with your casual outfit! I need more polka dots and bows in my life.

    Love Tweet xx

  20. I hope you win. I really love the casual look you put together. That black and white bags! OMG it's amazing! Now following. Good luck!

  21. I love them! I would wear all of these, so stylish
    Holly xo

  22. You're outfits are gorgeous! I love how you've keep it on trend but added your own twist, stunning!! xx

  23. lovely pieces! love your blog, great header and you are gorgeous! :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog, B xxx

  24. Great style babes, love your blog xx

  25. Hi Helen! We love all these looks and honestly cannot pick which one we like more. Good luck, hun! We have also entered the competition so feel free to check it out when you have time :)