Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Holiday Packing Part 1: Day Tripper

I personally love packing my suitcase for holidays, does this make me weird?

Don’t answer that.

Ok, so whilst I have been packing up my suitcase ready for happy holidays I decided to take a few photos and give you some idea of what I will be taking. 
I love layering clothes and a coat is always an essential with my outfits, so it’s a bit weird to not have to have stuff like that at hand, but at the same time it’s so good to be able to chuck on an easy outfit and lay back in the sun.
So this my friends is some of my day essentials for holidays...

Dungarees: New Look (£22.99)
Ahhhhhh, I think I’m fighting getting old and attempting to revert back to being a child, I’ve wanted a pair of these for aages, and when I saw this little pair in New Look I knew I had to have them!

Hot Pants: Primark (£12.99)
Above all else, you cannot go on holiday without a pair of hot pants (unless you are male, then you are excused as you will look slightly odd).  I do have a few pair of hot pants, but my good old faithful plain Topshop ones feel a tad too big on me at the moment, so when I saw these ones in Primark, I knew they were destined to come away with me.

Beach Hat: Primark (£4.00)
I really wanted one of these this year for holidays, it’s not usually something which I would take, but as it’s meant to be extremely hot and it’s good for protecting your shoulders and face I thought it would be quite sensible.  Plus it looks good.

Flip Flops: Primark (£1.50)
Oh how I hate flip flops.  They are another one of those items that ordinarily you will never ever see me in, I hate how when you walk they smack the back of your feet and then make that horrible sucker noise as they peel off your sticky feet... But they’ll do for holidays.

Bikinis: Primark/Dorothy Perkins (old)
A nice little selection of bikinis because I need  to get sun on my pasty little body and I think I might get some weird looks if I get in the pool in full dress.

Backpack: Primark (£9.00)
I fell in love with this satchel when I saw it sitting in Primark for the bargain price of £9.00! It’s perfect for chucking the essentials in and going exploring!

Sunglasses: River Island (old)
Ah I have had this pair for a while and still never get old of them, they are UV protected or whatever the hell sunglasses are supposed to be, so check when your buying them, cheap ones can sometimes be even worse for your eyes!  God, how helpful am I?!?

Playsuit: Primark (£5.00)
What a bargain! Only £5.00! Perfect to take down to the beach and wriggle out of pretty sharpish to get into the bikini!

Books: Various
I won’t be wearing these, don’t worry, I’m not going mad, but this is definitively a day essential, I aim to get through as many books as is physically possible, or at least all that is in my suitcase. 

Obviously I have more clothes that this, they’ll feature in many pictures when I get back, I’m not just spending the entire time in these few pieces, that would be pretty skanky otherwise!

What are your holiday essentials? Am I missing anything?

Bye Bye,


  1. My holiday essetials are maxi dresses and huge sunglasses! You seem to be very organised, hope you have a great time :)

    Gillian from x

  2. Love all the pieces, especially the shorts and the hat! Have a great time!
    xoxo Sophia

  3. I love the idea of this post as i'm rubbish at packing! Also very jealous of you going on holiday!

    I'm hosting a Bravissimo lingerie and fitting giveaway and i'd love it if you checked it out:

  4. Great post! beautiful hat!

    Best wishes,

  5. I have read that Jodi Picoult book and absolutely loved it!!! I ended up crying at like page 44ish but the book is so good and she's such a great author!!! Have a good holiday! :D

    I would LOVE IT SOOO MUCH if you guys would check my blog out and maybe even follow too?!?! :D xx

  6. Oooo looks like you have some nice stuff from Primark! Love the playsuit and hotpants! Inspiring me to hurry up and book my holiday so I can get onto the fun parts, like holiday shopping! xx
    Rosie | elephants never 4get

  7. Ooh, holidays or not, these clothes are absolutely lovely !!
    And thank you for your lovely comment btw ;)

  8. This post makes me really excited for summer :D I'm not sure there'll be any need for packing a suitcase but hopefully clothes shopping for some nice summer gear will happen! :P

    Great post!

    Ellie x

  9. superr excited for holiday.. :D

  10. oo I love the dungarees and the hot pants!
    wish I was going away, so jealous!
    UK High Street Fashion