Tuesday, 17 September 2013

London Calling

“London Calling, now don't look at us
Phony Beatleamania has bitten the dust”

This post’s TUNE comes from The Clash.  Ah The Clash, a legendary band with some amazing tunes.  I have to be honest, Rock the Casbah is my personal favourite, however, given that this post is kinda half outfit post, half day out in London, the title seemed appropriate.  Of course, this is still an complete banger so little ones, get your little ear holes around this one and listen to the tune here and check out their website here.


Coat: Tesco (£35.00)
Shirt: Primark (£12.00)
Jeans: Primark (£11.00)
Watch/Bracelets: Urban Outfitters / Topshop / New Look (old)
Daps: Primark (£6.00)
Satchel: Camden Market (old)
Headscarf: Primark (£2.50)

So last Monday my sister and I (ooh, posh English there) took a trip to London town.  The above outfit is what I wore, I had to take the pictures separate as I didn’t take any pictures of me actually in London… #epicfail #notaverygoodblogger.

None the less, other than being extremely wet (oh yes, it absolutely poured down), it was a good day, mainly because I was a) in London, and b) shopping.  I didn’t really buy a lot though, I guess the rain had dampened my shopping mojo, but I did get me some gorgeous navy disco pants, happy days!

We divided our time between Camden and Oxford Street, and although I love Camden beyond comprehension, I did find out that Camden in the rain just doesn’t work! Oh well, I guess I will have to go up there again soon!

My outfit is pretty simple, jeans and a shirt are always a staple in my wardrobe, but I think the head scarf adds something a bit extra, well enough to make me feel just that little bit more at home in Camden.  Normally everything is kinda just dug out the back of my wardrobe, but shockingly on this occasion everything is new!!

My converse style shoes are from Primark for just £6.00, I love them, they’re comfy and they look like a damn good alternative for the actual things that cost so much more.

Also, as you may know, I really wanted a Barbour coat, but at two hundred quid a pop at least they were always gonna be a bit out of my price range, but again, this coat from Tesco is a damn good alternative and I absolutely love it!

Finally this is one of my birthday presents, a leather backpack.  I’ve been on the lookout for a leather backpack for aaages, but they always seem to cost so much.  However, when I spotted this little beauty on ebay, which is being sold from a stall at Camden market I was straight onto my boyfriend to convince him that I just absolutely needed this backback, needed it!!!  Fortunately (for him), I think I’m quite a reasonable girlfriend as this bag only cost £35.00, what a bargain!

So yup, that’s it, hope you liked the outfit, let me know what you think.



  1. Love your outfit, so 'in' but still unique :) I'm a big fan of the vintage bandanna! x
    Kerri - Beautyhotsquad x

  2. Your blog is really cute,I'm jealous! HAHA!

    And I think that you're really lovely and cool.



  3. And uhm, if it's okay, will you "join my site" and I will join yours, too...

    thank you xo

    Hope you don't mind :)

  4. Thank you very much. I am so happy, you made my day ♥

  5. Nice outfit, I like your printed shirt with the jeans! :) Shame it rained on your day it, but sounds like you still had fun!

    Away From The Blue

  6. I just followed you, you are so cute! Beautiful shirt and style. xxx

  7. lovely outfit x


  8. Love the shirt and coat! X


  9. HEY!! I nominated your blog for a 'Liebster Award', check out my blog for details!!:)

    Jack!! - http://jackedwardbevan.blogspot.com

  10. You're so beautiful!

    Jes | www.naturallyjes.blogspot.com.au

  11. Sweet Blog site. I dig the blog:)