Sunday, 1 September 2013

Collection Shimmer Shades: A Review

As it goes I bought this product quite some time back but I'm only now getting round to a review… slap on the wrists for that one; or you can see it as I've been seriously studying this item for quite some time in order to give you the most accurate information possible… whatever floats your boat.

There are two versions of this product with different colours, but the one I went for was the Collection Shimmer Shades Way to Glow, because I already slap too much conventional blusher on my face and I figured this could be used for highlighting and as a light bronzer; or as the name suggests, to give me a bit of shimmer on my face.

So anyway, having bought this product some time ago I've realised that I haven’t used it a great deal and hence why it doesn't exactly look too bad in the pictures.  However, on the occasions I have used it I have found it does the job quite well, providing subtlety is your thing.  If you do like to look like a make-up counter has indeed exploded over your face then I would say this is not for you as each individual colour is not overly pigmented and therefore isn't overly noticeable.

However, I myself, do not want to appear like I have used a trowel to apply my makeup, so the subtle shades work quite well for me.  I have only used all for shades as a whole in order to give a subtle bronzed shimmery effect a few times, as it's more an evening look, I don't particularly want the sun to reflect off my little face blinding those who look at me on a daily basis.  Nevertheless, I do like to use one colour block in particular to give a subtle glow to my cheek bones and that is...

It works perfectly for what I want and gives just enough colour to give that bit of shimmer on your cheek bones without it being overly obvious.

I personally really like Collection, however, if your a makeup snob I'm sure you are not a fan, but for the price and the quality I think it's a complete bargain.  Yes, the packaging may not be overly pretty but it does the job.

Overall I do like this product, purely as an addition to my existing blusher and possibly a bronzed shimmery look in the evening.  So yup, thumbs up! :)

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  1. This looks really versatile! You could even use it as eye shadow.

    Laura DemandBeauty xo

  2. I might give this a go as it looks so pretty! :)

  3. Great colours!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!