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The Book of Tomorrow: A Review

"Lose yourself in the magical and mesmerising story from Cecelia Ahern of how tomorrow can change what happens today.
Sometimes tomorrow has to start today…
Tamara Goodwin has always lived in the here and now, never giving a second thought to tomorrow. Until a travelling library arrives in her tiny village, bringing with it a mysterious, large leather-bound book locked with a gold clasp and padlock.
What she discovers within the pages takes her breath away and shakes her work to its core."

I'm going to be honest and say that I have never read a Cecelia Ahern book, they have just never applealed, seeming a little too happy and fluffy for my likeing, maybe it's just the titles that have put me off (p.s. I love you... bleugh).  But after spotting this little gem on a bookshelf in a charity shop I thought I would give it a whirl.

Admittedly the story didn't sound too good, but I loved the cover, how very very shallow; but I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you should always judge a book by it's cover.

Anywho, this story centres around Tamara Goodwin, a spoilt self-centred little rich girl who's grandiose life is turned upside down when her father takes his own life leaving her and her mother with a mountain of debt and no choice but to live with her aunt out in a little village miles from anywhere in Ireland.

Immediately my reaction was to take a dislike to Tamara, who seems to have all the traits of those girls in school who thought themselves just that bit better than everyone else, I'm sure everyone knows the type I'm talking about!  But as the story goes on I found myself finding the real Tamara and couldn't help but feel so sorry for her and seeing her for the real young teenage girl she really is deep down.

When Tamara finds a locked book on the travelling library a whole new world starts opening around her, meeting new people and finding out some hidden secrets and snippets of information that were destined to stay buried forever.  Now, I don't there is anything wrong with me saying, especially given the title, that the book Tamara finds does indeed tell the tale of what will happen tomorrow.  For me, I don't really understand this element of the story; maybe I'm a bit old fashioned, but I did't like this whole seemingly childish element and was the only thing about this story that didn't quite float my boat.

Overall this was a pretty good book, albeit not necessarily my usual cup of tea.  I loved Cecelia Aherns writing style however, there were some elements of the characters that were missing and it did feel a little rushed at the end with too many loose ends tied up in one go.

I'm very happy I picked up this book, it's opened up my eyes to Cecelia Ahern and am will now most definitely be reading many more of her books.

I give this book a:

You can buy this book on Amazon here and find out more about Cecelia Ahern here.

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  1. I've read this book, it's good but it's not her best. I'd really recommend 'The Gift' it's my favourite by her. I couldn't put it down!! Her new one 'How to fall in love' is pretty good too! Her books are far from fluffy though, they're quite often almost supernatural or somewhat eerie and they always have a great twist. Don't give up on her yet, but honestly 'The Gift' is what it's all about ;)

    K xx

  2. This sounds pretty good, I've only read a couple of her books but PS I love you is just an amazing book with an awful name (so much better than the film) It's one of those books I know will break my heart but I read it over and over again. x

  3. This book does sound interesting! I may add this to my list, I finished a book today and I just need to read a new one :P can't help it

    Lipstick and Mocha

  4. The book sounds great! : )
    btw. The cover of the book is really lovely!

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  5. You are so right about judging a book by its cover - I do exactly the same! Glad you gave Celia Ahern a go because her books are really beautiful! x

  6. Sounds pretty interesting. I also judge a book by it's cover a lot, it just needs to speak to me!

  7. I think I'd feel the same way as you about this book. Although I'm an idealist and very nostalgic, the childish stories really irritate me now as opposed to making me nostalgic and giddy.