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The Girls: A Review

I have never looked into my sister's eyes. I have never bathed alone. I have never stood in the grass at night and raised my arms to a beguiling moon. I've never used an aeroplane bathroom. Or worn a hat. Or been kissed like that... So many things I've never done, but oh, how I've been loved. And, if such things were to be, I'd live a thousand times as me, to be loved so exponentially' In twenty-nine years, Rose Darlen has never spent a moment apart from her twin sister, Ruby. She has never gone for a solitary walk or had a private conversation. Yet, in all that time, she has never once looked into Ruby's eyes. Joined at the head, 'The Girls' (as they are known in their small town) attempt to lead a normal life, but can't help being extraordinary. Now almost thirty, Rose and Ruby are on the verge of becoming the oldest living craniopagus twins in history, but they are remarkable for a lot more than their unusual sisterly bond.

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Now I don't know if I'm just particularly emotional these days or whether this is just a damn good book but I have to admit I actually shed a little tear.  To be honest I think it may be a little bit of both.  At this point you know that this is just going to be a glowing review, if it can make me cry then it must be absolutely amazing!

This book is written from alternative perspectives of both Ruby and Rosie, cranopagus conjoined twins (joined at the skull), and I think it is this touch that really draws you in and makes you feel for them.  In fact the writing perspective is just so good and so autobiographical that several times at the start I had to check on the author's name to clarify that it was indeed different from the characters.  I realise that this statement makes me look particularly dense but I'm just trying to prove a point ok.

The story is told as the girls near the end of their life, approaching the important milestone of 30 years old.  You are very aware of where this story is heading, and can only begin to imagine how terrible it must feel just knowing what is facing them.

Although the story is told from both perspectives the majority ok the book is heavily weighted towards Rosie, who's literary style is far more advanced and it is her who gives us all the background information which helps us to piece together their lives.  It is here we learn of their adoptive parents who play a huge role in their lives but we know are no longer alive.  It is not until very late in the book that we find out what has happened to them and I have to say that this part, although not particularly graphic had just enough detail to leave a starling image in my mind and left me feeling quite shocked.

I loved this book for it's complete originality, the unique way it is told and just how you grow so fond of the characters I was left really quite emotional at the end, not only with the knowledge of their ending lives but also how they both fulfilled their dreams.

If you want to read something completely different, really well written and just utterly gorgeous, then my friend, this book is the one for you!

If you would like to read this book you can buy it on Amazon here, or check out the author here.

I give this book a great big:

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