Sunday, 15 December 2013

Advertise in January for Free

 Yes thats right ladies and gentlemen, I am once again offering up my humble little blog for you to advertise your selves for nothing, nada, zip!

Well here we are again, how fast does the month go?!?!  Anywho, having had such a lovely little selection of sponsors for this December who are currently gracing my side bar I have decided that this whole advertising for free malarky should extend beyond this year.

Therefore I am calling for all those who wish to advertise with Fragile Bird for free this coming January.  You will be on my side bar for this new year, exciting huh?!? 

So lets get down to details shall we:

There's no small print to this, but here's whats available:

2 x (400 x 200 px)
2 x (400 x 100 px)
4 x (200 x 200 px)
(I can be a wee bit flexible on the heights if necessary, but the widths are fixed I'm afraid.)

So 8 spaces available.  Depending on the interest shown I will allocate the spaces as I feel necessary based on how much I feel your blog is suitable to my own and just personal preference really.  Hell it's free, don't complain!  

Your ad will run from 01Jan2014 to 31Jan2014 and every sponsor will be part of a #ff every week of this month.  Additionally, your blog will be featured on a blog post providing any some information your good selves in my 'Sponsor Appreciation' post.

Oh and I would kindly ask that you follow my blog in return... I'm not asking alot, just so you can easily keep an eye out on your button ;)

So with out further ado, if your interested in advertising here, please leave your name, web address and email below and I will contact you for further information.  Or alternatively you can contact me on

Please contact me before 22nd December, following which I will email you for the necessary information.

p.s. I edit all my pics with PicMonkey.



  1. Heather nixon -

  2. I would love to be featured next month! My email is and my blog is
    Alice Evans :)

  3. This would be lovely if you still have space ... My email is


  4. This is such a great idea, and a nice way to bring in the new year :)

    Just a heads up, my giveaway for the art prints is now up and running until next Saturday !

  5. This is such a lovely thing to do!
    I would love a space :)
    Sophie Ruffell


  6. Jessica Donnelly
    This is a great idea :)

  7. Would love to be featured next month!!

    Danielle van Balen

    I am already following you :)

  8. This is a brilliant idea! I would love to be part of it :)

    Amy Kendall-Ball


  9. This is such a lovely idea!x

    Jayne Hennessy

  10. This is such a good idea
    Adele Cooke xoxo

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  12. Sweet Blog site. I dig the blog:)