Thursday, 5 December 2013


What you've done
She's a gun
Now what you've done"

This post's TUNE comes from Blur.  Remeber back in the days of Britpop, you were either an Oasis fan or Blur, well, me I was an Oasis girl.  I blinkin' loved them, bought all their albums and singles and my walls were covered with their not so pretty mugs.  Although I'm still at heart an Oasis girl, years later I can now appreciate that Blur were in fact a damn good band, their songs were just so so good, and this is a particular favourite of mine.  I now realise how old this makes me sound as there are many of you out there who wouldn't even have heard of the whole Britpop battle, but bugger it, yes I'm twenty seven and I'm so happy to have been part off whole the whole thing, oh yeah!  You can listen to the song here and check them out here.

Righteo then, lets move on shall we....

Coat: H&M (old)
Shoes: Asos (old)
Dress: Boohoo (£15.00)
Shirt: Topshop (old)
Bag: Miss Selfridge (old)
Tights: Primark (old)

So being a model employee I have been hard at work since April having taken very few days off, which now is catching up with me and I realise I have to take some days off, yesssssss :)

Not one to want to waste a day, yes, I'm one of those people, I decided to take a wee trip to Bath and it's good old Christmas markets with my sis.  I have been before, and last time I was there I walked around in the evening which I think really shows the markets off to their full potential with all the twinkling lights and pretty little stalls.  Of course, it's still just as gorgeous in the day, but if you do go be sure to stay for the evening, you'll understand why when your there.

We done a good bit of shopping, although not enough clothes shopping for my liking, in fact all I had was a beanie from H&M, ridiculous!  Although I am pretty much finished for my Christmas shopping which is all good, look at me all organised and ahead of the game.

I wore my lovely new smock dress from Boohoo along with my vintage look blouse from Topshop along with some thick black tights and my lovely leather brogues from Asos.  This is an old coat from my collection but how I love it, it's survived well and I think looks pretty sophisticated, well, about as sophisticated as a girl from the valleys can look!  Ey, I can take the mickey, I'm from there!

Have you visited Bath Christmas Markets?

All of my pictures are edited using Picmonkey.

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  1. I adore this outfit! The shirt is so pretty :) x

  2. What a super cool outfit! Loving the checkered dress and the jacket is great! I was a huge Oasis fan growing up too :)


  3. Love the outfit! That dress is going on my Wishlist. Hey, 27 isn't old, I'm 17 and I've heard of Blur and Oasis! Xx

  4. I just learned of this animosity between fans of Blur and Oasis from my bf a couple weeks ago so it's funny you've brought it up now, I was oblivious. I'm guessing it's more of an english territorial thing though. That dress is really cute, smock dresses always look so cozy x

  5. I definitely liked Oasis better at the time, but now I appreciate both bands both have awesome music!
    I admire your work ethic, I have to take way too much time off because of dancing performances, but I can't get out of my weekend contract until next year. I wish I could have a contract where it allows me to work every shift and dance at the same time! Then I would have more leave than 3 hours *hangs head in shame*

    Love your outfit, especially your coat. I wish there was more christmas markets here, I have only heard of one which starts on the 13th they look like such fun!
    Madeleine | Madeleine in Wonderland

  6. Awesome! Love those photos I really miss the days of britpop!

  7. Massive props for the Blur/Britpop reference - chooooon! :-) I love your black and white checked dress too. Might have to go and check out Boohoo now. laters yo' x

  8. Ah your hair is gorgeous.. love the style, and the colour is so vibrant!! xxx

    Gem //

  9. I really must get to Bath soon. I've seen so many glorious pictures and heard amazing things about this city. It's inching its way to the very top of my list of places to visit very soon! You look lovely :) I adore your hair!

    Tightrope to the Sun

  10. You look so cute♥ Lovely blog(:


  11. Beautiful pictures dear :D


  12. Adorable outfit, and great photos of that sweet little market! Hope all is well.

  13. Lovely dress & photos!

  14. Love the outfit and definitely all your photos :) keep up your good work!
    My favourite is the one showing the Christmas market!

    x, Steph

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Bath looks gorgeous. I love how just from the pictures and architecture of the building I can see a deep history. The street and side shops look darling and I wish there was more of those types of little places around where I live in the states. Your dress and coat I think is a wonderful match for fall/autumn weather.

    k.f.c. =P