Thursday, 18 April 2013

Dream Destinations: Far and Away

So I’m now having withdrawal symptoms from sunshine, and with no big holidays booked there doesn’t seem to be much to look forward to.  God that sounds depressing, I sound a bit suicidal there, don’t panic, I’ll just cheer myself up by planning another holiday. 

I certainly wouldn’t consider myself well-travelled, I haven’t visited many countries, so I feel I have a lot to catch up on, and therefore, I need to squeeze in as many holiday destinations within the next few years, before I squeeze out any children...  The list is most definitely endless which makes it very difficult to select exactly where I will be jetting off to next, so I figured I would make a nice list of my dream destinations that one day I will most certainly visit.

So this people, is my (not comprehensive) list of dream destinations.


Picture Taken from travel-direct

A rather large place I know, therefore, I think the only way I could appreciate and take in as much as possible of this country is through a tour, sounds like a plan stan!  There is so much that appeals to me about China, I know there is so much to learn about the culture and history of this place that I get excited about even thinking of going there. 

New York

Picture taken from citybreakusa

Ah the city that never sleeps!  However, given the amount of things to do and see here, it is quite likely that you will be extremely knackered, and even if the city isn’t sleeping, I most certainly would be by the end of the day.  I don’t  know where to start when describing all these things I want to do here, but despite all the sightseeing I would definitely have to squeeze in some shopping, is there a more perfect trip? 

Las Vegas

Picture taken from lasvegas360

I’m no gambler, but come on, in Las Vegas you would have to give it a go!  I don’t think I have to justify any reasons why this is a dream holiday destination, it’s no picture perfect beach holiday but it sure as hell looks fun.


Picture taken from intrepidtravel

To be fair, I really really would love to visit Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, however, I thought it would be a bit excessive to list of all these, so I have chosen the country that if I had to, HAD TO, pick this is it.  Thailand seems to becoming a popular holiday destination and it is for this reason that Vietnam is my front runner instead, as I would prefer to visit somewhere that is unspoilt by tourism.

Picture taken from 3ds

It’s about as far away as you can get before you start coming back, but that doesn’t deter me, I would still love to visit Australia.  Having previously had a bit of a taste of scuba diving and absolutely 100% loving it, I can’t think of anywhere better than the great barrier reef to do some more, I can’t imagine how beautiful it must be (I’m a wee bit obsessed with the sea, or more importantly, what’s in there!). 

St Lucia

Picture taken from nautibuoytoo

Ever since primary school, and completing a topic on this beautiful island I have wanted to visit.  Obviously all the Caribbean islands are beautiful, and I would quite happily give my right arm (not literally, please no offers, I use it on a daily basis) to visit any one of them, however, St Lucia, to me, looks particularly idyllic.


Picture taken from telegraph

There’s one massive attraction with Kenya for me, and that is safari!  We’ve all been to zoo’s and seen some wonderful animals, which otherwise we may never see in our lives.  However, myself, I absolutely love animals and it seems like an absolute dream to see these animals in the wild in their natural habitat, undisturbed by interfering humans.  I always say that when you go on excursions on holiday, especially those that involve animals, that it somehow never seems real, and always feels staged, which I guess in some ways it is.  However, with a safari, nothing is staged, your just merely a spectator watching wild animals, and I personally couldn’t think of anything better.

Where are your dream destinations?  Does your wish list look anything like mine?  Let me know :)

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  1. Gorgeous countries and cities. Tokyo is one on my list, xoxo.

  2. Been to New York and Las Vegas and love them both. Hong Kong is one of my favourite cities as well as Rome.

    Gillian from x

  3. Hello darling!!
    Have to say that your blog is so original and a good inspiration, I really like your last post :)
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  4. Great places! I would live to visit New York and Australia

  5. Some amazing picks! I'm in the same boat- there are so many places I need to visit sooner rather than later! I have been to NYC several times and it really is my favourite place in the world. Has such a unique feel to it (more dynamic and interesting (and really, just cooler) than other large cities) and always so much to discover. Definitely a must-visit! xo


  6. You should definitely come here to Australia! We love the sun and sea too and its pretty warm here all year round in comparison to somewhere like the UK!

  7. You've picked so many lovely places. After reading this I'm desperate to go on holiday! I want to go to NYC, there'd just be so much to do but like you I'm sure I'd be crashing out after every day. :)