Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Holiday Makeup

Scaling down the old makeup bag

It would be pretty impossible for some people to take all their makeup away with them on holiday, I've seen some bloggers with some pretty impressive collections!  Personally I don't really have all that much makeup, I tend to only use what I buy and then replace it maybe with a different brand when it wears out, unless of course it's like a miracle product, which I will just keep on buying.  However, even though my makeup collection is pretty puny I do think it's important to travel light on the old makeup front when going on holiday.

To me going on holiday means getting away from it all, leaving your same old boring routine behind for a week or two, and this includes makeup.  Unlike some I really don't have the best of skin, and right now it's not looking it's best, it's like it knows I plan on going bare faced and its determined to make me look hideous, with mothers and children running away from me and cowering in fear, crying out 'what is that, what is that on her face".   Admittedly I may be taking that a bit too far there, , but yes, my skin is looking pretty crappy right now.

Despite all this, I do think that when away and enjoying the sunshine I certainly don't want to be wandering about or lying back in the sun with my makeup literally sweating off me, a face melting look is not a good one!  So, like I said, I try and travel light with makeup, and this time around this is what I'm packing.

Helen's holiday makeup essentials:

By Day

I will most definitely be keeping to just these two products in the day, unless of course my spots really are annoying me that much, in which case I'll use a touch of concealer.

As I wont be wearing any powder I wanted a tinted moisuriser, which proved harder to find than I first thought as now it's all about BB cream, which can look a little too much like you have foundation on.  Instead I found this little beauty, which shimmers just lovely on your skin.  Also, you need to make sure that whatever moisuriser your using it's got sun protection in!

Once again, loving the Elf and their SPF lip balm which is just perfect, and the colour is gorgeous!  

By Night

I think it's important to keep it pretty simple in the night too, very light makeup with maybe a touch of colour on the lip?

I love this little blusher, I mean, I've yet to try it but it does look pretty and I think it will give that lovely subtle glow that gives just a touch of pretty.

I know this is a bit of an odd choice, but I do have dark eyelashes anyway, and I don't want to have black panda eyes because of the heat, so this seemed like a good option!

Like I said, I'm keeping it light, hell, I'm on holiday, if I really do look that bad then who cares, I'll never see these people again anyway!  Although I may have slipped in one or two extra products... just as a precaution!

I'll be sure to give all these products a review when I get back!

p.s. I edit all my pics with PicMonkey.



  1. The Colorburst balms are amazing! :) Love them!


  2. The bourjois blush has sweet packaging. I always promise myself I will pack light when I go on holiday & I always ended up taking things I never use. You have done well

  3. i always over-pack my make-up i never end up wearing it all ! love the revlon balms though they are essential
    Lauren x
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  4. Very nice products! ^^ The Revlon balm sounds good!

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  5. Lovely picks! That Bourjois blush looks super pretty and Revlon Demure is one of my faves! It's on my office drawer right now :)



  6. eeek where are you going away to?! how exciting!
    I too stick to a minimal make up bag when I go away but definitely prefer a little more coverage in the evenings with a touch of BB cream, bronzer and my usual eyes.

    Hope you have a fabulous time!



  7. I want to go on holiday :( waaahhh! Have fun!

  8. You've been so good to cut your makeup bag down to only those few! xx

  9. Cute products! Love the Revlon balm, hoping to try it out soon! x

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