Thursday, 8 August 2013

Birthday Wishlist

So at the end of this month will be a very important date, namely, my birthday.  Yup, it happens every year without fail and signifies my ever impending old age...  I say this because this year I will be turning Twenty Seven.  Nooo, I hear you cry, surely not, not with those youthful looks, you can’t possibly be that old (or maybe that’s what I want to hear... ), but yes, this year I will be that legendary age of twenty seven.  Admittedly, I personally think that twenty seven does sound better than twenty six, but at this age, there is no getting away from it, I am now into my late twenties.

After writing that I just had to sit back a moment and really take that in.  Wow, it’s ridiculous how fast time goes, and it just seems bizarre just how quickly everything has come round. 

Twenty seven used to seem so old when I was younger, but I don’t feel that much different to when I was twenty.  By this age I expected to be either engaged or married, have a house, and be settled down in my ideal job.  I’ve reached some of those goals, but I do hate my job, and I’m definitely not married as I think I would have remembered it happening, but this is out of choice, I don’t fancy being a ‘mrs’ yet, it’s like giving in to being a grown up.

So anyway, with my birthday coming up, I figured I would put together a little wishlist of birthday presents.  If some lovely person chooses to buy me some of these things then I would be most grateful... not that I’m hinting of course... 

So here goes, I may be a little bit dreaming on some of these!

A Barbour coat thank you please

Anyone of these:

All available on Barbour by Mail

Now, I know these jackets are a tad pricey and lets be fair, I won't be buying one unless by some miracle one is given to me or I come into a considerable sum of money, but it's good to dream.  If it's not one of these then maybe one of the cheaper alternatives that look just as good (check out Joules), or possibly just a parker, I'm not that fussy!

Nike High Tops!

Available from Schuh

I mean technically I already have a leather pair, but they are very old now and looking more grey than white, so it's ok to want another pair.  I also don't mind what colour really, either of these will do, just in case your thinking which colour should I buy her... ;)

River Island Belted Denim Shorts

Available at River Island

So I love the old school high waist Levi shorts, but it appears they are either hard to come by or cost quite a lot for what they are, but then I spied these little bad boys and decided that these are a damn good alternative!

Casio Watch

All available at Asos

Either one will do ta very much! I will accept the last one in a variety of colours, just in case your wondering...


Colourblock Small Rucksack (£37.00) / Multi Braid Rucksack (£37.00)

Available from Asos

Ok, so really I want a leather one, but it appears it is very difficult to find a nice affordable backpack, but I do think these two are a very good compromise.  If you know where to get a good proper leather backpack then let me know!


Available at Urban Outfitters

So I was browsing Urban Outfitters and I came across these little beauties.  To cut a short story even shorter, I want one!  Please someone buy me one, and also some vinyl records to go with it please.  It would look very nice in my house.  Thanks!

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  1. Hi Helen , first of all thanks for your lovely comments on my blog it really means alot! My birthday is also at the very end of august (31st), so happy birthday for when the time comes , 27 I agree does sound better than 26!
    I have the Barbour utility jacket and i love it, I also own a non quilted one, but the quilted one is definitely my favourite. I also have a blue casio watch they're great although the accidental beep when you bang your wrist can be annoying!

    Eloise | simplynaturale xo

    1. I hear that day all the best people were born on ;) I'm so jealous of your barbour coats, if you ever feel like sharing let me know :)



  2. I fully understand that wishlist! Wow - and especially love the vinyl record player thingy (I always forget the name of it..)

    Christina xx

    ps. I really love you blog design! x

  3. Love the look of your blog! I also really want a pair of Nike high tops! X

  4. I bought a similar multi coloured rucksack in Accessorize in the sale! They may still have it!

    Thanks for visiting my blog I think your new blog design is awesome love your lighthouse logo :D x

  5. What a great list! My birthday is at the end of this month, too!

    Ladyface Blog

  6. yessss to the shorts!

  7. my birthday is this month too - august babies are the best :) love the picks you chose!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  8. What a great wish list, I love Barbour jackets as they're such good quality. The Multi Braid Rucksack is also on my birthday wishlist :)

    Rebecca x

  9. advance happy birthday :) the vintage looking turntable is really really nice :)