Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bucket List

In an earlier post I mentioned (I say mentioned, the whole post was pretty much centred around it), that at the end of August, it will be my twenty seventh birthday.  Now, since then I’ve been having a little think.  This new age means that there will only be three years until I am thirty.  Three years.  Only three years.  This is some scary sh*t.

Right, so with the rather large number hanging over me, I’ve realised there is quite a lot of things that I want to do before I hit thirty and everything starts getting a little more difficult what with children and the old arthritis setting in...  So to keep me on track and make sure I at the very least acknowledge and therefore attempt to complete these things I’ve decided to compile a bucket list.  Now I know a bucket list consists of stuff you want to do before you die, but mine is going to be stuff I want to complete before I turn thirty and stuff before I die.  I’m also gonna add some stuff that I have done to the bottom just because it will make me feel better, I’ll cross it through and stuff, I’m weird like that...

So here is my bucket list, it’s going to be available on a separate page of my blog so you can keep a track of how I’m getting on.

I’ve gone for a hundred things because it seems quite a popular number with most other bucket lists... If you can’t beat them join them.

  1. Get a tattoo
  2. Go to a festival
  3. Go Paragliding from the mountains over my home
  4. Go Horse riding
  5. Get Engaged
  6. Get Married
  7. Cage dive with sharks
  8. Go to a fashion show
  9. Climb Pen-Y-Fan
  10. Raise my own ducks
  11. Get another 3 piercings in my ear
  12. Walk to Cardiff from my house, all 24 miles of it
  13. Have a go at archery
  14. Go to a driving range
  15. Go Go-Karting
  16. Bake a cake from scratch (never done it, I know, the shame!)
  17. Go Zip Lining
  18. Raise my own chickens
  19. Donate Blood
  20. Have a thousand followers on my blog
  21. Read over 500 books
  22. Visit London Zoo
  23. Get a rescue dog, or maybe two.
  24. Ride in a hot air balloon
  25. Build my own house
  26. Have at least 2 children
  27. Own my own business
  28. Own a rental property
  29. Eat at a michelin star restaurant
  30. Have a small holding with a pig
  31. Have a small holding with a goat
  32. Have a walk in wardrobe
  33. Have my own little library room, with walls filled with books
  34. Have a green house and grow my own vegetables
  35. See She and Him live
  36. Go to a gig in Camden Barfly
  37. Run a half marathon
  38. Go on Safari in Africa
  39. Visit Amsterdam
  40. Visit Berlin
  41. Visit Australia
  42. Visit Austria
  43. Visit Japan
  44. Visit Barcelona
  45. Visit Rome
  46. Visit Venice
  47. Visit Thailand
  48. Visit Vietnam
  49. Visit Morocco
  50. Visit Brussels
  51. Visit China
  52. Visit Scotland
  53. Visit Ireland
  54. Visit Iceland
  55. Visit Las Vegas
  56. Visit New York
  57. Visit California
  58. Visit Mexico
  59. Visit India
  60. Visit Paris
  61. Visit Chichen Itza
  62. Ride an Elephant
  63. Buy a house
  64. Go Camping
  65. Go Canoeing
  66. Go Parasailing
  67. Go Scuba diving
  68. Take a flight in a light aircraft
  69. Go Indoor skydiving
  70. See Incubus live (I’ve been to a lot of gigs, but this was one of those die happy gigs)
  71. See Oasis live (Another one of those die happy gigs)
  72. Swimming with dolphins (also swum with manatee’s, stingray’s and nurse sharks)
Now I ain't stupid, I know that this is not 100 things, hell, I've done a maths degree, I know how to count to one hundred (I can actually get all the way up to 239 actually), but I'm leaving me some gaps, I know that there will be something I think of, something that I decide I must do, so as time goes on, I can add it all to my list :)

Let me know what would be on your bucket list, hell, if some suggestions are good I may just steal a few, I’m not above it... :)

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  1. I absolutely agree with owning my own business. I was 26 this year, I also feel that need to start listing stuff to of my list though, is I want to be a fully self-employed, not working for anyone but me, wedding photographer by the time I am 30. Got 3 1/2 years to go... GONNA DO IT!

    Good luck with your list- sounds like you need to take a year out to go travelling!!

    1. I know, I could do with a good few years travelling really! But I'll get there eventually, there's so much to see



  2. Love your list. I'm the other way around...i'm almost fourteen! haha. Keeep up th great blog posts:D


  3. Donating blood is on my bucket list, too! I just see it as something so easy to do that makes such a difference.
    Love the redesign of your blog, it looks gorgeous!
    Molly x

  4. Such an awesome list! I wrote a bucket list when I started uni 3 years ago and have recently rediscovered it! It was so awesome to go through and cross off the things I have managed to do! :) have fun completing your list!

  5. I love your list. I definitely want to visit those places too. I've never actually written down an entire list of what I would like to accomplish, it's not a bad idea!

    BTW, thanks for the comment!

    <3 Carolyn

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by and leading me to your blog, I love it! I'm dreading turning the big 30 as well, but can't bring myself to make a list! I hope you get a fair few crossed off :)

    Dannielle | Chic-a-Dee

  7. Love these lists. Here is my 101 things in a 1001 days list. Which I need to complete by next Xmas. Urm. No can do I reckon. Need to create me a bucket list. Feel like I have some time then :P

    I'm from Carmarthen by the way. Where abouts in Wales are you? I miss it so :)

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  8. I'm going to be 27 in September, I feel your fear!! lol

    That is such a good idea to make a bucket list - I think I may have to do one.

    Now following you :-)


    P.s I love you blog design - it's so cool. I'm in the middle of re-designing mine - it's taking far too long :-)

    1. I know, it's a massive fear haha, it's just that little bit closer to thirty, it's just so scary!!



  9. Great post idea, I enjoyed reading it! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I have followed via Bloglovin and GFC! Keep in touch x

  10. I have a bucket list on my blog, if you haven't already you could look at some ideas from there!
    You have so many ideas, I love the idea of riding an elephant... I may just add that to mine if you don't mind?
    Gosh... life goes so quickly :'(
    Becky xoxo

  11. Your style is so cool!
    Love your outfits!

  12. I want to own my own little library in my house with a cosy armchair and piles of books everywhere - and read over 500 books! I love your blog!
    Lily :)