Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Remember Me?

It's weird how you can just fall into the same old trappings of everyone else, get stuck in a rut, be one of the crowd and just go along with it all.

Slowly but surely I'm getting sucked into the same old game with my blogging.  I like doing product reviews, outfit posts etc, but not all the time for crying out loud.  Although I will say I could happily review a book every day, but this would be pretty difficult as I don't read a whole book everyday.. but that's by the by.

Anywho, so in a desperate bid to mix things up, I thought I would sling a random post in every now and again, and this my friends is exactly one of those.

I love little articles that pop up, (usually linked on facebook ugh) about what things made you an eighties child, making me feel old, but yet very much nostaligic.  So I've decided to do my own little remeber me post.  There are going to be some of you out there who are too young to remember some of these things, but then this my friends is a chance to learn.

So here we go, let me know if you too remember these from your childhood!

Forget your cartoon crap that appears to be around now, no, these rubbery weird smelling (Jesus, remeber that sickly sweet smell) little ponies were all the rage back in the day, I remember having one for Christmas, ah memories.

This is a plea, if you have ever heard of David the Gnome or used to sit there on a Sunday morning watching him like I used to then please please leave a comment, I don't think I have found a single person who remembers this program!!

A bit of Saturday morning tele there, anybody remeber the telephone number jingle?  I swear for years after I knew it, sadly no more...  Although I'm sure somewhere in the depths of internet space it's there.

I wouldn't call these my favourite sweets ever, but I do like being part of the era where we knew tham as Opal Fruits, not your fancy pants 'Starburst' as their called now.  Tut Tut.

You can stick your Playstations and XBox's, back in the day we were rocking this shit, oh yes, we used to play games with a joystick and load them up with cartridges, old skool!

Remember these, shit weren't they, they didn't even look good, but by damn they were quick to put on!

Your a massive liar if you tell me you didn't have a tracksuit.  Back in the day we were all over these, but we didn't stop at the jacket, it was full get up or nothing.  I had a lime, white and purple Le Coq Sportif one which I loved, other popular sports brands were Umbro, Kappa and Reebok.  Yup, you weren't cool unless you were in sports clothes.  What the hell were we thinking, lets hope this craze never comes back.

I remember being in class and my friend telling us that she was going to have a tattoo on her neck.  Now knowing you have to be a special kind of person to have a tattoo there (sorry, but you are), we were obviously sceptical, and the very next day when she walked in with her 'tattoo' it turned out we had every right to be!  Yup, it was one of these god awful chokers, but we all had one, myself included.

Let me know what you think everyone, anything you remember that I've overlooked?

p.s. I edit all my pics with PicMonkey.

Stay Sexy,


  1. I'm really sorry, I don't remember that gnome.

    And I was never allowed a My Little Pony, oh how I wept!!
    P x

  2. Ahhhh brilliant!! My boyfriend claims David the Gnome is the reason he became a doctor!!

    Totally still call em Opal Fruits too ; )

    Faded Windmills

    1. Yeyyyy, someone knows what I'm talking about, I was starting to think I was going mental, but at least now I know he was real! Glad he was an inspiration for your boyfriend, good to see David the Gnome has now effectively saved lives haha



  3. I'm starting to feel the same with my blog, I love this idea though, I'm a little young dare I say for these but my cousin always goes on about opal fruits lol I do really want to try them :p


  4. Oh man tattoo chokers. I wore the same choker ever day for like a year and a half until it was so stretched out that it sat directly on my collar bone. What a silly thing ha! I thought it looked so so cool.

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. Haha, yes, I remember, they weren't exactly up to much were they, everyone used to wear it all the time, oh god, how wrong we were haha



  5. AHAHAHAH DAVID THE GNOME AHA! I am finding this soooo funny right now! I haven't a clue who this little guy is, but he seems kinda cool and I am sad I never watched him aha!

    LOOOVED Live and Kicking, that was my weekend made! And opal fruits, ahh girl this is a great post! Full of nostalgia :d

    Rheya xxx | PixiRella

  6. Great idea for a blog post! I remember all of these except David the Gnome & the Atari. xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista