Saturday, 11 January 2014

Monthly Wishlist: January

I like wishlists, do you like wishlists?  If not then you really aren't going to enjoy this post, I recommend either scrolling down to see what crap I've written previously or just departing my blog altogether, because this my friends is a wishlist.

I'm glad we have cleared the air there.  I do love a good wishlist, but seeing one all the time drives me crazy, even though I could write one everyday because every time I spot someone walking past me with something I like I can't help but decide I need something similar myself and just generally obsess over it.  Healthy.

So instead of a daily or weekly list I figured I would just do a monthly one, with a bit of everything I want, be it clothes, books, DVD's, puppies, kittens, etc.

So here goes, my January wishlist.  Christ that was a long into, I could have just shown you the picture, chances are you just looked at the picture anyway.  Top marks if you read all the way to this point, I think we should be friends.

Let me know what you think, fancy any of them yourselves?

p.s. I edit all my pics with PicMonkey.

Stay Sexy,


  1. I nearly got those new balance trainers but needed jeans more. They're so nice though! xx

  2. The story teller is on my wishlist and I love the floral top :)

  3. We should be friends as I read every single word of that ;)
    I'm trying to get out of a 'jeans rut', I practically live in them so I often find myself looking for alternative trousers these days. Those River Island ones are rather lovely.
    Amy x A Little Boat Sailing

  4. Think we r friends now haha I think a monthly wishlist is a good idea as it really reflects your tastes well :) Those sunnies look so unique I'd love to try a pair like that :p may have to treat myself to the elf lipsick it looks such a pretty shade x


  5. I adore the camera! X

  6. Nice picks! Loving those glasses! xo


  7. Ooo I love those glasses! Great picks and yep I love a good wish list :)

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  8. Great pieces! Love the bag and the trainers :)

  9. I love a good covet list, too! And I love that cross-body bag!!

    Meghan xo