Thursday, 21 February 2013

Holiday Wishlist

Doesn't everyone just love a good wishlist...  well even if you don't, tuff, 'cos I'm doing it anyway...

I have made no secret of the fact that in March I will be off to Goa to spend 2 weeks in the stifling hot sun sheeeeeeine lying on a beach and just generally lounging about (I’m so excited). 

So as March is getting very close and I’m the type of person who likes to have their bag all fully packed at least a week before I go (super mega organised, or alternatively, 'loser'); I thought I would create a bit of a wish list.  Admittedly I probably won’t end up getting these things and will instead go for the cheap option whereby I buy everything in Primark, but still it’s nice to dream...

Drum roll please...
A Bikini is a must have... obviously, I need to at least give myself half a chance to get a tan, even though, lets face it, I know I definitely will come back just as daz white as when I arrive there...
Navy Pacha Metallic Bikini Bottoms, River Island, £12.00
I need a pair of bikini bottoms to go with my top.. unless I go to 'special' beaches.  However, I will not be going to any 'special' beaches so these are a must.
 Someone has been watching too much My Mad Fat Diary.... Ah the 90's glasses, bloody love them!

Ikat Traveller Rucksack, Accessorize, £35.00
Perfect for sticking the beach towel in plus some other necessities and heading off down to the beach!

Butterfly Viscose Dress, Oasis, £45.00
This dress is so pretty!  I've had a bit of a job trying to find a light summery dress, bbut this one seems perfect.  I'm guessing as it gets closer to summer there will be actual summer dresses, but trust me to go on holiday out of season.. what a little odd one I am!

A pair of denim shorts - ESSENTIAL for holidays, I especially love these ones... ooooohh nice...

Tapestry Bralet by Rare, TOPSHOP, £35.00
This top would look so good with the denim shorts, very cool, whether or not I'm cool enough to pull the look off is another matter...

HAITI Peep Toe Cut Out Shoes, TOPSHOP, £35.00
 I hate Hate HATE flip flops, so if at all necessary I will try and avoid them at all costs (of course, I do accept that I do need to wear them on holiday), so these are just utterly perfect for trotting down to the beach and keeping my wee tootsies cool

 Cream Scallop Texture Swimsuit, TOPSHOP, £36.00
Lets be fair here, this is purely for posing, realistically, I won't be getting no sun to my wee little white body if I cover up even more!  However, this is just so frickin' awesome that it had to make the list, proper old school glamour

Like I said I’ll probably end up with Primark stuff because lets face it, given the weather in this county it’s quite likely I won’t be wearing any of this stuff again any time soon...

What’s on your wish list for holidays?  Any tips on what I should be taking?



  1. Love the swimming costume and shorts. Cannot wait for the summer! :P x

  2. That dress is gorgeous and I love the bikini top, I thought it was just a bow at first though :) aha you did make me laugh with the 'special beaches', hope you have a lovely holiday :)
    Rosalie x

  3. I love that bikini and the swimming costume. The river island shorts are so good too, I've featured them on my wish list!xo

  4. I really love that swimming costume and the dress with the butterflies! Hope you have a fantastic time in Goa!

  5. skull bandeau <3 i'ts my summer must have too!

  6. cute stuff! xxx

  7. I saw this swimsuit on asos the other day and totally fell in love with it. So pretty! Some great picks here.

    Gillian from Glam Up Eveyrday x

  8. love the round sunnies and the high waist denim shorts - always a reliable thing to have in your closet!

    Lady à la Mode

  9. What a fun wishlist! I love having a backpack at the beach it makes it so easy to chuck everything in without being afraid of sand in a nice bag!

    xx Kait

    ChickadeeSays Facebook

  10. Love all these pieces!!!
    xoxo Sophia

  11. really love the swimsuit :)