Sunday, 23 September 2012

Winter Survival Pack

Ooooh it’s a wee bit nippy outside!

So it looks like summer (what little we had of it) has finally gone and it feels like winter is coming round a bit too fast.  But let’s not let the cold weather and dark days get us down, because this means we can now break out the winter wardrobe, and I don’t know about you, but I love my winter clothes!
Fluffy jumpers, chunky scarves and coats and jackets galore, it’s all part of the beauty of winter.   
So in preparation for this, I’ve decided to put together my recommended winter survival kit:

Winter Essential 1: Coat

Ok, so I’m a little bit obsessed with coats and jackets, as over half my wardrobe is dedicated to them, I think it’s fair to say I don’t need another one this year, but the heart wants what it wants and I will most definitely be adding another one (*cough* or two) new coats to it this winter.  Sorry wardrobe!!

Winter Essential 2: Jumper

To go underneath the coat, we need to build up our layers my dears

Winter Essential 3: Chunky Scarf

Keeps you warm and a lovely fashion accessory... Ooooh yes please

Winter Essential 4: Gloves

Essential to ensure that yours fingers remain firmly connected to your hands!

Winter Essential 5: Hat

For keeping out little brains warm to carry on fully functioning

Winter Essential 6: Shoes

Thou shalt not go bare foot in the snow...

      Mango / Topshop / Office

Winter Essential 7: Socks

I don’t know about you but my feet always feel like little blocks of ice, so in order to keep my little tootsies warm a toasty pair of socks is definitely in order

Winter Essential 8: Bag

Ok, so this isn’t exactly essential for our winter wardrobe, but everyone needs a beautiful bag, especially one that can survive the rain (is that an excuse to buy a new winter bag? Oh I think so!), so here’s my favourites:


Winter Essential 9: Umbrella

If you are from Wales (or generally Britain for that matter, but especially Wales), then you will definitely understand why an umbrella is essential!

Winter Essential 10: Tights

Well now that summer is over and our pins must be covered up, why not do it in style


  1. Woke up this morning and it is lashing!! this post is well needed already!! :( a new coat is on my 'to buy' list anyways!
    ireland probably gets similar weather to wales (i think?) so loving this checklist!
    just followed your blog!

  2. Yup, I think we get the same weather, bad weather!! :( Thank you very ,uch my first ever follower :)
    I've returned the favour, I'm loving your last post, that necklace is amazing!



  3. I LOVE this post! That umbrella from River Island is gorgeous!xo

    1. Thank you, I know, a good umbrella is a must, especially when its that nice!