Wednesday, 19 September 2012

First Blog EVER!

Hello and welcome to my first blog ever!  My name is Helen Elizabeth; I’m twenty six, size 8, 5’8” and 8 stone 10 pounds (that’s a lot of 8’s there...)

This blog is gonna be about:

Fashion – At least this way I can justify the amount I’m spending on clothes...right?!?

Beauty – It’s all about the eyeliner! Oh and I’m hoping that by practising my nail art, I can start to look less like someone who had a trainee nail technician with a nervous disposition paint their nails for them...

Books – As I normally spend whatever spare moment I get with my head stuck in a good book (not literally, that would be weird), I figure this would be a pretty good topic

Art – Who doesn’t love a bit of art, I’m all about the good old fashion pen and pencil, none of this fancy splashing paint about on a blank canvas for me though

Music – Having a fairly eclectic musical taste I think I can cover everyone’s taste, or at least give it a go anyway, however, I may be slightly biased towards some artists... It’s my blog! :p

So anyway, here it goes, give me a chance, give me some feedback, and get in touch!

Thank you anyone who reads this!  Follow my blog and who knows, you may indeed be the first ever one  




  1. i'm excited to see what you do with your blog :D i'll stick around

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

    1. Thank you!!! I absolutely love your blog :)



  2. Hello Helen,

    I was reading through your blog and you made me laugh (in a good way)!
    Maybe we can connect, be e-mail pals or something.

    My blog is a little younger than yours =P
    You can find me at