Thursday, 17 October 2013

Avon Eye Shadow Primer: A Review

I will start this review by stating I am not an Avon kind of person.  I don't really like the idea of buying anything out of a catalogue, never mind makeup.  I can't imagine how the colours on a 2d bit of paper can ever properly convey the colour of that product when it's there in front of you, or in my case, usually smudged all over my hands in the makeup isle in boots while I desperately search for a tissue or makeup wipe to get rid of said colours... Surely this can't be just me?!?

Anywho, that being said I am not adverse to trying something new, and this my friends is my first time for delving into the vast underworld of avon.  

Now, as I said, I don't like buying something out of a catalogue, however, it appears I do like buying stuff off the internet, and this is something I picked up just there, on good old Ebay to be precise.  Who knew that you could buy Avon off of t'internet, not me anyway!  But lo and behold, there it was flaunting itself over the pages of ebay.

I wasn't looking for a specific brand but I really wanted to try an eye shadow primer with the hope of getting rid of that annoying crease of my eyelid that my eye shadow seems to disappear into by the end of the day.  Having spent very little time looking I stumbled across this little gem here, for the bargain price of £3.99 with free p&p!

I've used this product a few times now, and I find it really does do the job nicely.  As the primer is light beige it acts as both a primer and a concealer, so you don't have to use any extra makeup than necessary, which helps with the whole makeup sliding into the crease business. 

The texture is smooth and silky but thick enough to feel like it is giving a proper base and good coverage and you don't need to use alot to create the perfect look.

I've found that my eye makeup has stayed in much better condition throughout the day, and although I may get a bit of a crease at towards the end of wear, it does seem to leave everything looking alot better for longer.

The product is presented nice and neatly in a small round glass tub so perfect for fitting snugly into my makeup bag.  You can't really go wrong with a little tub, plus once it's all finished I like to keep such things for putting in my own little concoctions like coloured lipbalm.

Overall I like this product, I'm somewhat swayed by Avon and would be tempted to buy something from their range again, although I would be more than likely to buy it off Ebay instead, I guess I'm just stuck in my ways.

Have a pleasant eve,


  1. Looks like a nice primer!
    I'm like you too. I prefer going to a shop and swatch everything on my hand. I'm also very cautious with foundation (I'm prone to allergies in that department...)
    About the primer, sadly it wouldn't on me...I have reallyyyyyyyyy oily leads. Not even Urban Decay's primer potion is effective on me...:< I'm currently on the haunt for a nice primer (I already metallized myself that I'll have to spend 25 euros on a NARS primer..or 16 euros on a The Balm one ).

    Anyway, I loved your review!!
    Thank you very much for this post :3
    Please take care, have a nice day!*

  2. I'm looking for an option to my Urban Decay primer potion and this might be as good as any. Xx

  3. I am in need of a primer, and this was a convincing review. I've never bought anything from them before. I just reviewed a foundation on my blog, and I'd love if you stopped by and told me what you thought!

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

  4. Haha, i love how you write about things! I am not overly bothered with Avon either, occasionaly you get a decent perfume, Christian Lacroix Nuit for her smells SO nice! At the time I bought it in the full size with a full size moisturiser and shower gel all for £20 so a pretty decent bargain.

    I get the same thing specially with lipsticks all over my hands, i dont like putting used ones on my lips. Once i nearly ruined the fur collar on my brand new coat after accidently getting bright red lipstick all in it - luckily it came out fine. I odnt get why they dont have more make up wipes at hand really!

    Have a fab day sweet, Rheya xxx | PixiRella

  5. The packaging looks a lot like the MAC paintpots, I'm the exact same I like to be able to swatch things and know that I really like said item before I buy it.

  6. yeh not really an avon kind of person either, loved your post excellent review :)

    Leyla xx

  7. I've never tried anything from Avon, like you I like to actually see the product in front of me before I buy it. I usually use MAC Paint Pots so this definitely sounds like a cheaper option that I'd like to try.


  8. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I am so glad now I know about you :)
    The design of you site is just super awesome <3
    And you did an awesome review! Keep doing your great work :)

  9. Ebay IS the bees knees, so I think its a good habit to be stuck in ;)