I have seen other blogs with disclaimers, it looks very professional, like they really sound like they know what they are talking about.  I want a piece of the action, so here goes.

As of January 2014 all products/items that are gifted to me are marked with an astrix (*) or marked c/o with details of the company/brand that supplied/gifted these items to me. 

Any sponsored posts will be marked as such somewhere within the blog post.

I am a part of the Reward Style network.  This means that this blog contains some affiliate marketing links, which means I get paid commission on sales of those products I write about.  My content is not influenced in anyway by these products /advertisers or affiliate partnerships.  I will only write about products that I genuinely love and would do so with or without external influences.

You may have noticed that I am quite likely to spout, what can only be described a utter nonsense.  This nonsense is purely my own opinion, I am often sarcastic (often being an understatement) and try my best to be funny.  I am quite aware I'm no comedian.  Therefore any derogatory or just plain ridiculous remarks should just be ignored or taken with a pinch of salt and therefore taken with as much jest as which they were written.  Lets no get all angry here folks, peace and love man, peace and love.

However, I would like to point out that my opinions are indeed my opinions, if I like something I will tell you, if I don't, I will tell you about that too.  I never intend to mislead anyone, and will always give you honest opinion, even if it's all wrapped up in a sarcastic shell.

Got any questions?  Then email me: Fragilebird@live.com

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